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Here At, It's About Finding THAT Small Business Idea That Fits Your SweetSpot - THAT Thing You Were Made To Do And To Be...



Find Those Small Business Ideas That Fit You! And then wrapping it into a small business that allows you to leave your legacy!


It's about browsing through the list of small business ideas to find one that fits your passion, your life, AND earn you money...all while allowing you to make an impact on lives.



This Small Business Ideas Site Was Created With You In Mind!


  • Here, you will small business ideas that fit you, your passion, and your life.

  • You will find strategies, tactics, and motivational tips on how to design your business in such a way to drive your target market wild!

  • You will also find small business and career change coaching services designed to help you to make your small business ideas and dreams come true.

  • You are also given the secrets of business success on the web and taken by the hand to be shown how to ensure your business gets known both online and off!

"In The End, Let It Be Said That You Came, You Saw, And You Did Something That Left An Impact On The World!"


Be encouraged to start a business that impacts lives!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, this site's author, career change and small business coach and mentor and a fan of those entrepreneurs who start their business with the intent to leave a legacy!



If You Need A Little Personalized Help In Identifying Your SweetSpot And Bringing Your Business To Life...

I've got you covered - I am an MBA'ed passionate soul who works with entrepreneurs:

  1. To find their SweetSpot - THAT thing that they were made to do and to be...

  2. And to wrap their SweetSpot to THAT small business idea that fits their passion, earns them money, and helps them to leave their legacy!




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All the great information you came for is still here!




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What Makes Great Entrpreneurs...Great?










Find Those Small Business Ideas That Fit You!

Now that I have your attention...

Listen closely.

"Business success rarely happens overnight...

It takes passion, persistence, and the
guts to take a whole
lot of calculated risks!"


This site was designed to be an inspiration for making your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Enjoy! Site Author Latarsha Lytle


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