How to Dream About And Create the Life You Deserve. The Key Ingredient.

How do you dream about and create the life you know you deserve?

The Secret Ingredient = YOUR HEART'S FURY + ACTION

How can you dream about and create the life you know you deserve?

Sometimes your daily life and struggles seem to temporarily blind you from proactively planning how you will write your name in history.

Too often, when you think about how to dream about and create the life you want, you allow the daily grind of your daily life to direct both your thoughts and your actions by focusing on what you can’t do.

You struggle with figuring out how to dream about and create a life that you deserve.

The key to dream about and create the life you deserve is to focus intensely on taking action.

Forward motion is wrapped in the sheer act of deliberation.

The key to moving forward and creating the life you desire is targeting your thoughts and actions on what you CAN do r-i-g-h-t now.

Your focus has to be on what you can do , in this present moment, do get at least one step closer to where you want to be.

Though you can't escape your current realities, you have to believe within your heart of hearts that there IS a better way.

Time to learn how to navigate through your current realities.

Follow the ten steps detailed below to get from where you are now to where you are trying to go.

  1. Think about your future, wiser self.

    She’s the you of the elder years…and when she looks back,

    • What will she say about how you steered yourself into the path of your future?

    • What will she say about how you used your thoughts, your time, and your action to move from where you were to where you are?
    • Then take that information you gain by thinking about your future, wiser self and use it in the following a vision exercise.

  2. Write an article about your future self.

    Pretend that the article is a feature story about you and your remarkable life of the future. In the article, paint a picture of the steps you took to move your life from where it was to where it is on that day.

    • Don’t shortcut the article.

    • Be as creative as you like.

    • Have fun with it.

    • Paint a vivid picture of what you were able to accomplish with your life in the span of those few years.

  3. Tuck that article away for a day.

    For a full twenty-four hours:

    • Allow your mind to continue envisioning all the steps along the way to get you from where you are today, to where you are in the article you have written about yourself.

    • Continually asking yourself what other steps you made in your new life, and how did you accomplish them.

  4. After your full day of further envisioning, get your article back out.

    • Edit it to include any new information you gained during your previous day's worth of envisioning.

    • Reread it with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.

    • Read it as if it were an action map that serves to move you from where you are today towards where you will be at the end of that article.

    • Read it with an intent to act on it.

  5. Create an Action Map based on your article.

    • Highlight all the goals that were mentioned in the article.

    • List them all out on a document entitled "My Action Map."

    • Determine the major pieces that are involved in accomplishing each goal.

    • Review each goal line, by line, and create several mini-steps.

      • Write down everything that you can think of that's involved in accomplishing that goal.

      • List out all of the options can think of that will allow you to accomplish that goal

      • Think about and then list all of the challenges that will surround that goal.

      • Think about and then list who is involved in making sure that goal happens.

      • Think about and then list what resources you would need to make that goal a reality in your life.

      • Continue to ask yourself what are all of the things that you need to do to accomplish that goal.

    • Repeat the previous step for every goal that you mentioned in your article exercise.

  6. Review your list to find that ONE thing that you can begin to work on right now.

    The key is to find one thing that you can begin doing right away to get you at least one step closer to your dream.

    • Find the one thing you can begin to think about, to work on, or to even begin imagining with your mind.

  7. Start making that ONE thing happen, right now. .

    Not tomorrow....Start with right now.

    • Ask yourself what CAN I do, right now, to move me closer to my tomorrow.

    • What CAN I do given my realities in life?

    • Where CAN I fit step one?

    • When will I execute my steps during the morning hours? Day hours? Evening hours?

    • Will I begin to execute my steps thirty minutes a day? Or do I have only five minutes a day?

  8. Initially, it doesn’t matter which of the steps you take. Pick one step and take that one step.

    Find something you can do to begin moving forward toward that goal.

  9. Focus daily on finding action steps you can take.

    How to dream about and create the life you want is predicated upon action.

  10. Action creates momentum. And it’s that momentum that will propel you into your tomorrow.

    • Do something each day or week to keep your strategic life plan moving forward.

    • Focus on how you will first dream about and then create the actions you need to move your life plan forward.

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