Got Sales Blues? Learn The Secret Ingredient To Overcoming Objectives in Sales.

What Every New Business Owner Must Know About Overcoming Objectives In Sales.

Want to know the secret to overcoming objectives in sales?
Here's a clue that

sales training

experts will tell you: it's tied to your ability to be a good listener.

The First Key to Overcoming Objectives In Sales Is to Know That What You Do Is Not For Everyone.

But, initially, you may not be prepared when it comes to overcoming objectives in your sales. This is because you will be convinced that everyone is a perfect candidate for your business.

  • You will pounce and bounce around talking excitedly about your new business.

  • You will strike conversations with friends and family and even the lady in the grocery line next to you.

  • In fact, you may talk until you are blue in the face, but to your chagrin,

    • no one wants to buy your product or service

    • no one hires you.

    • no one is visits your website, your store, or your office site.

Until you become prepared enough with overcoming sales objectives, you will need to stop targeting your sales efforts to everybody you meet.

You have to remind yourself that your business exists only for a hand-selected cluster niche of people.

The Second Key To Overcoming Objectives In Sales – Know Who Your Customer Is

The crucial second step to overcoming objections in sales is to know who your customers are. This is where your market research step comes in handy.

It is normally during your research phase that you match the core benefits of your business to the core frustrations of your hand selected niche of customers.

The Third Key To Overcoming Objectives In Sales – Know Your Customer’s Story

Design your sales approach by thinking about your product or service from their perspective.

  • Imagine spending a few days, weeks, months, and even years in their shoes. Think through all the frustrations they wake up to day after day after day.

  • Now, imagine what they are doing when they meet you - or your ad -in the middle of what seems like just another day for them.

  • Imagine then, that you gain their attention by present them with fresh spark – something that would really make their day.

  • It is then – and only then – that you can get their attention.

The Fourth Key To Overcoming Objectives In Sales – Know How To Present Your Business Story.

One way to overcome objections in sales is to think about your business as a secret that you hold and that you want to share with a select group of people.

This group of people is hand selected by you, and is only comprised of those people who fit your customer niche profile.

And your approach to presenting your business to this select group of people will take into account these key tips to overcoming objectives in sales by knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

  • KISS. Keep it short and simple. Create a simple, attention-getting one-liner that makes them remember you at hello.

  • Believe Your Own Story. You have to buy your story, before they will. Know that what you sell really benefits and adds value to their lives.

  • Know Your Customer. Know what they want to buy before you try to sell.

    • When your customer sits in front of you, there sits their entire life story.

    • Take a few minutes and ask conversationally rich questions that will help you to understand their story better.

    • The more you know about them, the more you know about how to anchor your story.

    • Anchor it in the area where their greater frustration lies.

    • It is at the point of frustration that they will be most receptive to your solution.

  • Say No To You Own Desperation. Do not approach your sales with that in-your-face-please-please-buy-from-me-cause-I-need-the-money- sales strategy will just repel them.

    • You are not in business to sell your own desperation – they will smell it a mile away, and they will run.

    • Remember, you are in business because you have something that will make their lives better

The Fifth And The Most Crucial Key To Overcoming Objectives In Sales Is Preparation.

Your customers hire you to either solve a problem, make their lives feel better, or both.

Your success in business hinges on your ability to successfully position your business in the mind of your prospect


You will be most effective in overcoming objectives in sales by preparing yourself to face objectives in sales, and practice knowing how to respond. The following exercises will help you to be better prepared in overcoming any objectives in sales you encounter.

  1. Know who your business exists to serve.

    The best way to prepare yourself is to establish an ideal customer profile give you the following details.

    • what is their daily life is like,

    • some of the key frustrations that are inherent in their business role or life role,

    • what is it that they might say to you during the course of a friendly conversation that might alert you that they are your ideal client,what are some of the key things that they might list on their wish list,

    • what is there current greatest frustration,

    • what it is they may be thinking when they meet you or your ad ,

    • include anything else on your list that may be relevant in helping you to better understand your ideal client and how to position your business in such a way that they can hear and then respond to your offer.

  2. Spend 80% of your sales efforts listening and asking conversationally enriched questions.

    It is amazing how much information people will reveal about themselves during the course of a lively conversation.

    • At least once a month, invite an ideal customer – past, present, or future – to lunch, and practice engaging them in a lively conversation.

    • Listen to their life story.

    • Listen for any potential sales objections that their life story may reveal.

    • Journal your results, and then practice presenting your product or service as a focused solution to their articulated problem.

  3. Maintain a multi-dimensional understanding of what you offer.

    • Your product or service can be presented in a multitude of ways.

    • Do get so stuck on what you should say.

    • Focus, instead, on knowing how to delineate your bottom-line value.

    • Continually look at your business from your customer’s perspective, and ask yourself, what is so special about what I offer? What is the bottom-line value?

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