Crack the Code.
Learn How to Design a
Web Site That Gets The Click.

Learn How to Design a  Web Site That Gets The Click.

The Secret Sauce to Web-Success Is... Content


How Will You Design

Your Web Site

To Reel ‘em In?

Your goal is to build a site captivates your web visitors enough to incite them click around, explore a bit, and end their visit feeling satisfied and making a purchase.

Below are four key questions to ask yourself to determine how to design your web site to get the click.

  1. How Will You Design Your Web Site To Capture Their Attention?

    Your web visitors want an immediate connection. They spend their initial 2.7 seconds exploring your site to determine what’s in it for them.

    If don't find what they are looking for, then...Click. They are gone.

  2. How Will You Use The Power of Words to Intiate A Stimulating Conversation?

    Upon entering your site, your guests to anticipate a treat. Focus your web design efforts on how you will design your web site to incite your guests to make that next click.

    They want to be whisked away into a web experience that sticks to their ribs, feeds their ferocious appetite for content, and leaves them feeling empowered and fulfilled.

  3. How Should You Design Your Web Site to Entice Your Guests To Make That Next Click?

    Effective use of words, especially in business, means skyrocketing sales, satisfied customers, fulfilled employees, and a profitable and secure future.

    Yet, less than 1% of small businesses use words with full power.

    Words are the key ingredient to entice your visitors makes that next click - they carry enormous power:

    • Words carry the power to make you laugh so hard that tears fill your eyes.

    • Words have the power to resolve the toughest conflicts, bringing about peace.

    • Words wield a power so strong-n-gentle that they can persuade that hot-red tear to free itself from your hold, and careen itself down your hot-pink-cheek.

  4. How Can You Design A Web Site That Uses The Full Power Of Words?

    The most successful web sites are the ones that exhibit passion and enthusiasm.

    Make sure you utilize the full power of words to release specks of your hot-n-spicy passion throughout your entire web experience.

    The power of words can be learned and used effectively by anyone. When this power is harnessed there’s nothing on this earth that can stop you.

    • How will you employ the power of words on your web site?

    • How will you use the power of words to give voice to your enthusiasm?

    • What will you do to infuse power of your enthusiasm into words?

    • How will you use the power of words to initiate an online conversation that stirs the hearts of your guests?

    • How will you use the power of words to passionately escort your online visitors through your site, pointing them to solutions to some of their most pressing problems?

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