How Should You Grow Your Own Business?

Grow By Packaging Your Magic.

How to Grow Your Own Small Business?

The question: how should you grow
your own small business? The answer:
By packaging and positioning your magic.

How to Grow Your Own Small Business – The Importance of Strong Purpose

Your business needs to grow, and the key to how to grow your own small business is to learn how to stand on a strong purpose.

A strong purpose gives you the power to

differentiate your business from the pack and become known in your industry for being an innovative leader.

A strong purpose:

  • gives your business it’s sense of direction and establishes how you will measure your success.

  • also provides a clear understanding to your employees, suppliers and competitors regarding what it is that you exist to do.

    How to Grow Your Own Small Business – Evaluating Your Market Positioning Approach

    When you begin to consider how you should grow your own small business, ask yourself if you are doing what it takes to whittle out a clearly differentiated position in your market.

    Here’s an example of how some business owners view their market positioning efforts. I was privy to overhear a conversation between two copywriters.

    • They were both capable copywriters,

    • They were both probably competent of doing a good job for their clients,

    • Both were dismayed at their current client load.

    • Both questioned what they should do to grow their business.

    • They whinnied the same boo-hoo-I-can't-get-sales story:

      “Woe is me, here I am holding all of these wonderful skills in the flick of my wrist and it seems as if no one wants my magic.

      I tell everyone I know that I am a copywriter, but they just give me this stare… this blank, unconcerned stare.”

    How to Grow Your Own Small Business – Evaluating Your Sales Approach.

    But wait? Did I hear that correctly? Two extremely competent copywriters are having difficulty drumming up business in this web-explosive era?

    Let's evaluate some possible things that might have a role in hindering their ability to attract sales.

    • They were holding onto valuable skills that benefit droves of people, but they lament because they can’t seem to find them?

    • They falsely assumed that everyone knew what "I am a copywriter" means.

    • They falsely assumed that "I am a copywriter" vouched for their degree of competence.

    • They failed to the WIFM (what's in it for me) test, and thus did not give the listener a compelling reason to listen.

    • They are both feeling a bit desperate, so they may be hitting the streets with their please-hire-me-cause-I'm-desperate sales plea.

    How to Grow Your Own Small Business – Learning From The Pros.

    Selling people a big ‘ol wallop of desperation is not how you grow you own small business into a success.

    Let me introduce you to Mr. Microsoft and Mr. Google, two industry leaders who know the importance of packaging and positioning their magic.

    Learn how to grow you own small business by looking at how these two companies, and other leaders, used their market position to launch them into success.

    • Both of these institutions have developed renowned reputations for what they do.

    • Both have a defined role in the market.

    • Both are techie-oriented- have hoards of algorithms that support what they do.

    • But neither use their I’m-a-techie-with- algorithm-experience as their market position.

    • Instead, they tout how they use their technical prowess to change the world – one computer - or one internet search - at a time.

    How to Grow Your Own Small Business – Packaging Your Magic In A

    Positioning Statement

    That Pops.

    Let’s pretend that one of those copywriters featured above decided it was time that she take control of how her business is perceived by the marketplace.

    She now wants to package and position the impact of her magic in the marketplace.

    • She began by reflecting on the impact that her magic had on previous clients.

    • She noticed that many of her clients experienced tremendous growth after she was able to apply her copywriting magic to their websites.

    • Then she summarized her magic with the following sentence:

        “DiddleDeeDee, DiddleDeBark”, I possess the magic to make a website spark.

    • Next, she used her positioning sentence to form the basis for her new positioning statement.

    • Now, when she meets new clients she tells them a story that points to the impact that her magic will have on their business.

      "I use my copywriting prowess to transform deadbeat sites into sites full of splendor and glee.

      My clients have told me that have experienced so much growth from what I do that many of them have had to start turning away business."

    How to Grow Your Own Small Business – Focus on Your Magic

    So the next time you wonder about how you should grow you own small business, pause.

    And then ask yourself a different question, “how can I describe my magic?”

    Imagine how different your business would be if you used your time and energy to tout the impact that your magic has on the world and in the lives or the businesses of each of your perspective clients.

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