How Important is Your
Organizational Purpose?

It Frames The Foundation
For Your Success.

Discover the critical role of having a strong sense of organizational purpose has on the success of your new business.

Your question: how important is organizational purpose?
The answer: organizational purpose is the foundational
bedrock that every great business must have.
Without it, your business will surely fail.

How Important Is Organizational Purpose? It Gives The Grounds For All of Your Decisions..

Organizational purpose gives your business it's reason for existence. It serves as a guiding force upon which every other decision is rooted.

Organization purpose sets the tone for who your business exists to serve.

It dictates how you will use your time, attention, and resources to serve your niched market better than anyone else.

How Important is Organizational Purpose? It Energizes You To Move Forward.

Successfully sustaining businesses find THAT one thing that they can own, and they own it , without fail.

A clearly defined organizational purpose is contingent upon finding that thing that naturally energizes, excites, motivates, and inspires your business to move forward.

How Important is Organizational Purpose? It Empowers Your Passion.

Intense organizational power is achieved when you are able to marry your passion to sound strategy, and focus all of your attention and energies on navigating your company towards success .

Businesses that have a clear organizational purpose coddle their passion into a customer-focused entity .

  • They sidestep the mistake of striving to be "the best" at everything .

  • Instead, they focus on funneling their passion into an entity that can be "the best" at one thing and then they deliver that one thing better than anyone else in the world.

  • Thus, their continual focus is on what they can do, to be the best at what they do .

How Important is Organizational Purpose? It Frees Resources.

Successful business learn how to grow their business by focusing on what they do best, then, if possible they outsource the rest

They have the wisdom to understand the monumental power yielded by freeing their time, energy, and resources to do what they do the best - letting the principle of division of labor take care of the rest.

How Important is Organizational Purpose - It Separates You From The Pack.

Businesses that sustain a successful path whittles a carefully crafted position that distinguishes them from their competition.

How Important is Organizational Purpose? It Helps You To Maintain A Strategic Outlook On Your Competition.

Businesses with a strong sense of organizational use their strategic prowess to maintained a very wide-eyed view of the competition .

Their definition of competition openly acknowledges that their competition consists of any entity that their potential client will turn to solve that problem.

Thus, they obstinately realize that competitors consist of any man, woman, boy, girl, book, object, movie, friend, mother, company-in-your-industry-or-inside-your-country, or company-outside-of-your-industry-or-outside-of-your world that their beloved customer will look to fulfill their needs.

How Important Is Organizational Purpose? It Helps You To Find a Way To View Your Competition As A Potential Value-Added Partner.

  • Successfully sustaining businesses understand the important role that competition has in their business.

  • They realize that their role in the market has more to do with the collective value they offer to their customers.

  • They realize that what they do extends beyond the selling of a particular product or service.

  • They view what they do in terms of the impact that it has on the lives of their customer.

  • They also realize that their business has it's limitations, and thus, they get to know their competition from their customer's point of view, by dividing their competition into two segments.

    Segment One consists of the men, women, boys, girls, books, objects, companies, and all other entities that will complement what what they give to their customer.

    Segment Two consists of those competitors that do not - those competitors that do not deliver added value whatsoever.

Remember, successful businesses that become market leaders pride themselves on being the best at what they do in the world.

And they become this way because they focus on creating solid value from what it is that they do best.

And when they encounter a situation where the customer's request rests outside of what they do best, they will happily refer that customer THAT member of Segment One that has developed a reputation for delivering the value that they know that their beloved customer is seeking.

How Important Is Organizational Purpose - It Helps You To Focus On Your Actual Greatest Threat.

Businesses that have successfully sustained themselves through time get in the habit of looking beyond their competition when trying to identify their greatest threat.

If fact, they proactively accept that they are their own greatest threat.

If they fail, it is because they did one of the following things:

  • Perhaps they turned a deaf ear to the needs of their beloved customer base.

  • Or maybe they failed because they did not properly respond to external opportunities and threats.

  • Still yet, they may fail because they failed to honor their brand's core purpose.

  • Or maybe, they forgot to keep their energy focused toward passionately pushing their company to be the best at what it is that they are doing.

  • Maybe they were lured into believing that if they could successfully own that one thing, then maybe they could multiply their success times two by owning two things.

  • But by trying to claim ownership of two things, they actually split their attention, time and resources - leaving their brand open to competitive failure.

How Important Is Organizational Purpose - It Helps You Continually Evolve.

Businesses that sustain success over the long term understand, early on, that they do not exist in a vacuum.

And thus, they realize that their business must evolve to stay competitive .

  • They focus all of their time, attention, and resources on knowing which customer they can best serve.

  • Then they learn what they need to do to serve them best.

  • They continually assess, and reassess what is going on in the world around them.

  • They ask themselves how these external forces will impact their business.

  • They then design their business to withstand the impact.

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