10 Reasons Why Being A Mom And Entrepreneur Gives You And Your Kids A Competitive Advantage In Life

Dear Mommy Entrepreneur,

We understand your struggle.  Being a mom and entrepreneur is really tough some days, but truly rewarding on others.  Our desire for you on this site is to explore with you the possibility of including your kids in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Why? Because there is a relationship between entrepreneurship and empowerment as it relates to you AND your kids.  Here's the reality:

  • Balancing it all is a struggle for us all.
  • But, when we involve our kids, they can help take some of the burden off while contributing their strengths, ideas, and passion to the business.
  • These entrepreneurial skills that they build will serve as a competitive advantage for them as they move into their adulthood lives.

Being A Mom And Entrepreneur - 10 Reasons Why Including Your Kids In Your Entrepreneurial Journey Might Make Sense For You

Your kids are actually digital natives, and their brain is wired to think fast, think creatively and to manage a quickly evolving world around them. We understand this, which is why this site is geared for you, the entrepreneurial mom who is raising digital kids.

As your read through the key reasons why family businesses are important, challenge yourself to come up with your own list of reasons you might want to at least begin to consider designing your business to include your kids participate in it.

  1. As an entrepreneurial mom, you already have an entrepreneurial and creative mindset that sets you apart from others. Your creativity is exactly what's needed to begin to prepare your kids for a future ahead of them.
  2. Being a mom and an entrepreneur gives your kids an edge.Kids who come from entrepreneurial families develop a rich set of skills that will give them a competitive, rich skillset as adults.
  3. Adulting is hard. Life is hard. And...to get through life successfully, one has to build resilience, grit, and an ability to pivot.
  4. Kids don’t come with a “how-to-manual’. As parents, we all do our best to raise kids that can make it through life with at least some measure of success.
  5. Teaching and learning the skillsets needed for adulthood success isn’t something that comes with a manual.
  6. When our kids graduate high school,there isn’t a magical button that we can push that magically transforms them into successful, productive adults.
  7. Instead, they have to be at least mildly comfortable with the discomfort of taking the NEXT right step for them...at that time in their life.
  8. Life doesn’t come with a roadmap. It has turns and and cracks in it. The key to living life with at least a modicum of success is to at least be willing to take steps toward the life direction we see.
  9. Entrepreneurship provides kids with a safe way to practice taking these steps. Starting with an idea, then being brave enough to water it, work it, and do all the hard work to see it come to fruition.
  10. Kid Entrepreneurship brings with it those skillsets of building resilience, dealing with ambiguity, making tough decisions, setting goals for success, and then tweaking along the way to see if those goals are met, dealing with failure, dealing with success. And all that comes in between.

The bottom-line: Being a mom and entrepreneur isn't easy, but it certainly can give you and your kids a true competitive advantage.

Here's to finding a kid-friendly small business idea that you (and your kids) will enjoy!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, small business mentor, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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