Once You Get Your Business
Going, Strategy Is Key.

Business growth requires close inspection.  Once you get your business going, what strategy will you use to grow it to it's full potential?

Notice how she's taking the time to notice the detail.

Learn from her. Look at your business - and it's growth - with a very detailed and strategic perspective.  Once you get your business going, what strategy will you use to grow it to it's full potential?"

The Key Role Of Strategy.

At some point, you will find that your start-up efforts have stabilized.

  • You'll have a good idea on customer flow, income flow and the overall flow of business.

  • It is at this point when you'll have to figure out how to properly navigate your business through growth.

How will you navigate the growth of your business?

Once your business gets going, what strategy will you implement to ensure that your business evolves into the entity that you wish it to be?

When figuring out how to grow, you must grow in a direction that doesn't leave you feeling drained and burned out.

  • You've got to take a look at both your internal strengths and weaknesses, and then design your business growth efforts accordingly.

  • You've got to learn how to view and treat your business as a system, and then diagnose it to determine which parts of the system have become ineffective.

    Some cautionary advice about growth.

    • You've got to figure out how to do it in a way that does not overtax what you're already doing.

    • You've got to look at the whole picture and tease out all of the pieces that have to be in place to make your growth plans work in a way that's magical for your target audience.

    When plotting where your business is going, focus on strategy that will add value to the lives of your targeted market.

    This is where niche-focus, passion, and strategy all have to meet.

    • You've got to be able to ask yourself, "What am I trying to accomplish with my expansion? and "What is the bottom-line benefit for my targeted niche cluster?"

    Also, once your business gets going, you must consider whether all your growth efforts call for a need to outsource.

    • If the growth will be handled in-house: how will you structure your time differently to deal with the increased workflow?

    • If the growth will be handled through an out-sourcing agent: how will you find an outsourcing partner that will aid in your growth.

    Whatever you do, stay focused on growth incentives that add value.

    When factoring in growth, it is imperative that you avoid making decisions that will alienate your current customer-base.

    It takes time to earn the affection and business of a targeted market.

    Your growth efforts should strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

    Force yourself to ask: "Will this plan for growth give my customer base continued exposure to my special brand of magic?"

    • If the answer is "No", then rethink how you might structure your growth plans in such a way that you make growth a pleasure for you and magical for your guests.

    Once your business gets going, use strategy that strengthens your relationship with your customers.

    Here's to growing a business that your customer's will Absolutely crave!

    Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, small business mentor, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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