Ways A Teenager Can Make Money

Right now you're on the prowl looking for ways that a teenager can make money.
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Teenagers Can Make Money By Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


There are many teenagers online trying to find a way that a teen to make money.  And, yes, it's entirely possible for a teen to make money.

But here's the thing, the teenagers who manage to make money are those who have an aptitude to think like an entrepreneur.  It's really a matter of looking around and finding a problem and then trying to come up with a service/product that will solve that problem.


Example Of Things A Teen Can Do To Make Money


For example, there are many problems/scenarios that happen in many communities in the US that offer themselves up as a way that a teen can actually make money.

  • Problem Example One: One problem that happens in Many Towns, USA, is that a tired mom comes home from work and it trying to juggle kids, meals, and many other household errands.
  • How-A-Teenager-Can-Make-Money-Solution One: a teenager can offer parents a parent-helper service, where they come over to the house and are available to help with kids, dishes, and other household chores for about 2-3 hours in the evening.

  • Problem Example Two: Another problem I see happening is that I see many households where the occupants forget to put out trash, or even forget to pull it back in the next day.
  • How-A-Teenager-Can-Make-Money-Solution Two: For a fee, a teen can start a business that offers to pull the trashcan to the curb and take it back for a monthly or weekly fee.

  • Problem Example Three: There are many households that have attics and closets full of 'stuff' that's just sitting, taking up space. Some of the items can collect a fair price on ebay.
  • How-A-Teenager-Can-Make-Money-Solution Three: For a fee (or a %of the sale price), a teen can start a business that offers to either (a) photograph the items and place them on eBay for the customer or (b) offer to take the item to one of those we'll-sale-on-eBay-for-you stores.


Three Tips On Starting Your Own Teen Business.



Tip One. Focus Your Attention On Those Small Business Ideas That Mesh With Something You Already Know How To Do.


You'd be surprised at how many teenagers make money by wrapping a business around a gift or talent or even a service that's based on something that they already know how to do.

For example, I know many teens who have decided to start their own websites.

  • They pick a nichey topic, for example, robots, or birds or fashion, and then they take the time to develop a website that focuses on their passion.
  • They then sell ad-space or promote products from their sites, and over time they begin to earn money.

For example, I was recently introduced to a pre-teen who decided to make his very own website about birds. He was passionate about birds, so he decided to teach bird-owners tips, tricks and the inside scoop on bird ownership. And here's the amazing thing about his story - I saw his website and it's one of the best bird-niched websites on the web. He's earning money from it, and all from his efforts to share his passion


Tip Two. When You Think Teen Businesses - Think, "How Can I Be Of Service?"


There are all types of service-based small business ideas that can help a teenager to make money.

For example, I recent met a teen who told me that he enjoys pets. So during the summer, he became a very successful day pet-sitter, dropping in to visit/feed/walk pets in his neighborhood while their owners were at work.


Tip Three. Whatever You Do, Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.


As an entrepreneurial teen, make sure that you choose a teen business idea that won't interfere with school or family activities.

This is because the teen years require a lot from you, and you have to maintain an eye on finding a way as a teenager to make money that won't weigh you down too much.


Ways Teen Can Make Money - The Bottom-Line


As you can see from the examples and tips above, there are a number of ways that a teenager can actually make money.

  • The thing that will help the teenagers best find a way to earn money from a business is to begin engaging in conversations with their parents, friends of their parents, community members, teachers, and counselors about different business ideas that make sense for the community.
  • Also, it helps for you to build a reputation for trust and become known by your parents and by the adults in your community that you can be trusted to do what you say you can do.

Many adults are willing to help a teenager out, and will be thrilled to talk to with a teen about different money-making ideas.


In fact, many adults admire entrepreneurial teens and will do whatever they can to help them to help them accomplish their goal. The key is to be proactive and to let people know that you are in the market to start a business and that you are open to any ideas that come their way.


Where To Find Ideas For Teen Businesses


Check out the "Latest News and Events" section below.

It highlights things that teen entrepreneurs are doing to bring their teen business idea to life.





Here's To Your Success With Finding A Way To Make Money!


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