Avoid Business Failure By Paying Attention To The Detail.

Avoid business failure.  Sculpt a business that will magnetically draw a niche of targeted customers.

"Sculpting, like starting a business, requires and eye for detail.

Avoid business failure by paying attention to those details and you will build your business into one that will magnetically attract (and keep) the attention of your targeted, niched-market.

A Customer-Less Business Will Soon Be Out Of Business.

One of the key ways to avoid business failure is to learn from the mistakes that many new business owners make.

Too often, many new business owners plunge into their business without paying close attention to what they will do to avoid business failure.

Know What It Will Take For Your Business To Succeed.

In order to avoid business failure, you must factor in this reality about business success: In the end it's your customer who will ultimately decide whether your business will succeed and fail.

Thus, you must maintain a customer-focused view that will shape how your business will react to change.

  • How will your business maintain and strengthen it's customer relationships over time?

  • How will your business regard it's customers when reacting to competitors or other external pressures?

Make Customer-Focus A Top Priority.

The better you are with giving your customers THAT thing that will synch their frustration with ease and pleasantness, is the moment you win a share of your market that your competitors won't be able to touch.

Spending intimate time your customer, and factoring her wants, needs, desires, and frustrations into the design of your business will give you an edge over the competition.

Continually Seek Ways To Cater To Your Customers.

Avoid business failure by building a business that is both craveable, relevant and tailored to calm your customer's frustrations.

Your customer-focused emphasis should model a dialogue similar to this:

  • Customer: "I have this problem that's wearing me down...I just really need it to go away."

  • Customer-Focused Business: "I understand your problem...in fact I have designed something that takes your needs into account, and all you have to do is give me a little of your money, and I will take care of your problem."

  • Customer: "Uhh...I'm not quite sure about that. I've worked long and hard for this money...and it doesn't leave my hand until I have some type of guarantee that you will actually make my life a little better."

  • Customer-Focused Business: "I hear your concern. And here's what I understand about what you need [customer's frustration story]. And here's what I promise to give you in exchange for your money (your customer-focused peace-treat)."

Avoid Business Failure By Factoring In Customer Attraction UpFront.

Successful businesses become successful because they are designed with a customer-focused emphasis.

Spend time designing a business that will magnetically draw customers to you.

For, in the end, a business that's without customers is soon a business that's out of business.

Create A Customer-Attraction Plan.

One of the key ways to avoid business failure is to pay close to what you will do to attract, keep and maintain a healthy customer flow.

Create a customer attraction flow plan to document specifically how you will design your business to be continually attractive to your targeted customer niche.

Here's to designing a customer-focused business that will enable you to magnetically attract raving customers to you!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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