The Business Grand Strategy Plan.

Starting A Business Requires Much More Than The Initial Launch.

The Business Grand Strategy Plan...because starting a business encompasses much more than the initial launch.

Starting a business involves much more than the launch.It
requires that you build a business that lasts. Discover
the power of a Business Grand Strategy Plan.
Use it to ensure that your business
will work as advertised.

Building a successfully sustainable business requires Passion + Strategy.

You see, you passion is the fuel, but strategy is the key driver.

  • Strategy is the single most powerful determinate of whether your business will have the staying power.

  • This is because as a new business, and as a small business, there is only so much that you can do with your time.

The culprit: many small business owners waste countless minutes, hours, and days working on the business rather than being in business.

They focus their time and effort on the business launch phase.

Business start-up is more than plucking a customized logo on your business card and hanging up your "We're Open For Business" sign.

Business start-up requires grand strategy that determines how it will work once it's up and running.

Business start-up requires that you figure out how your business will actually work.

It's during your business start-up grand strategy phase that you begin to put it all together to determine the best route to win your customer's hearts.

  • In fact, you've got to put a lot of time, energy, and effort planning how your customer love story will play out.

  • So...why don't we give this "Business Grand Strategy Plan" thing a try.

Your Business Grand Strategy Plan: The Elements.

Let's discuss your business grand strategy and those elements of your business that will make your customers go Absolutely Crazy about your business and what it offers.

Business Grand Strategy Factor 1:

How You Meet.

Imagine your target customer sitting there in her life, minding her own business.

  • What is it that happens to make her notice you? What is it that you do, or say to actually get (and keep) her attention.

  • Does she read an article about you in her local paper?

  • Does she hear your ad on the radio waves as she commutes back and forth to work?

  • Does she meet your website on some online forum she frequents?

  • Does she hear about you from her girlfriend?

  • Or...does she meet you in a parking lot somewhere?

Business Grand Strategy Factor 2:

The Courtship.

After the initial interaction, what happens?

  • Do you say something to hear that she just can't get out of her head?

  • Do you make her an offer she just CAN'T refuse?

  • Who initiates the first move after that?

  • Do you exchange numbers?

    • Do you dare ask her for hers?

    • Or...have you made it easy for her to ask for yours?

Business Grand Strategy Factor 3:

The Relationship.

  • Forming a strong relationship with your target market is the core trait of business success.

    • It's the secret sauce that has been used over time by great businesses both small and large.

    • And it's the base of how you will start to build your business.

  • How, then, do you begin to entice her to engage in a relationship with you?

    • That, my dear, is the core question that you have to get a clear answer to.

    • For without an answer to that question, your business will never have what it takes to sustain itself over time.

A business void of customers is a business headed to it's grave.

Without a clear answer to how you will enter and keep a strong relationship with your target market, you will face the demise that meet many new business owners: you will have a customer-less business.

You need customers to survive.

Do yourself a favor.

  • Put together a business grand strategy plan that highlights how you plan to build a sustainably strong relationship with your target market.

The Bottom-line: Customer's will not flock through your door "just because".

  • You've got to give them a reason to come to you...and then you've got to ensure that you leave them with a reason to come back for more.

Be encouraged to open a passion-centered business that is known to tickle the hearts of it's customer-base.

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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