Wake Your Business With A New
Small Start And A Refreshing
Blast Of Freshness.

Wake Your Business WIth A New Small Start And A Refreshing Boost Of Freshness.<BR>

Continuous innovation is a key success in business.
Do what you can to take it and make it new.
Begin it all by taking small start-fresh
steps to make it happen.

A strong business is strong because it was intentionally designed to be strong.

Business success is not accidental, and thus, you cannot get so caught up in the day-to-day chaos that you miss opportunities to sculpt your business into the successful entity that it longs to be.

Force yourself to see past the day-to-day trap.

The day to day trap will require that you troubleshoot your way past the day-to-day fires that may claim your attention.

There will be days when you might find yourself questioning whether the path you're on is really worth all the fuss.

Your business will have made it off the ground...(but barely).

It's during this time when you need to look at your business with a new wonder. Is there something new or small that you can try that will make your business stronger.

Set aside time to see your business from a legacy-building angle.

When your startup looks rocky, dwell on how you will design your business to live beyond the day-to-day struggle.

Focus a few of your thoughts on how your will you design your business to leave it's impact and it's legacy.

Maintain a strategic view of your business.

The path to success is one where you use your time to actively shape your business into what it is to become.

In the midst of all that start-up flurry, pause your thoughts long enough to think about how to design your business to make it work the way you need it to work.

Challenge yourself to view your business with an eye for continuous improvement.

Schedule at least four hours in your week to evaluate how your current business operates.

Identify all those bottlenecks that are dragging your business down.

Then find time to design them to make your business a more pleasant experience.

Be on the lookout for small improvements that you can implement to make business flow, process flow, or customer-interaction flow stronger.

Find small things that you can do in your business to make it new.

It's those small changes that will give you a way to make a new start in your business each day.

It's that "new start" approach to business that will enable you to keep your business, customer-focused, polished, and fresh.

Your business needs new, small, and useful ways to give it a new start and fresh feel.

Be encouraged to seek out ways to continually make your business stronger...your customers will appreciate it and reward you with their patronage.

Here's to building a sustainably successful business!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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