8 Things You Should Know About A Business Strategy Statement And Why It's Essential To Bringing Your Small Business Idea To Life

Without the proper foundation...you business will surely fail.
Discover the power business strategy statement and
how it will take you from Passion to a Plan of Action.

1. Your business dreams will never happen if you don't take the time to chisel out the details.

  • You've got to gain an intensely clear vision about what it is that your business exists to do and who it exists to serve.

  • Your crystal clear vision should be clearly spelled out in a business strategy statement.

2. To make your business come alive, you've got to hammer out a plan of action that will take your business idea from conception into reality.

You've got to take note of all of those things that are happening in the world around you and figure out how, in exact terms, you will sculpt your business into a living, breathing, entity.

3. Your business is more than a logo, a business card, and a flashy website.

  • It has a heart and soul and a definite purpose.

  • It has a beginning point, a middle...and possibly an end.

A business is it's own entity.

Though it is born out of your mind and chiseled into existence with your hands, you've got to come to grips that it has it's own set of needs.

4. Your business needs a business strategy statement that will clearly spell out a clearly stated purpose for your business.

  • Your business strategy statement should dictate the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and hows, of your business's existence.

  • It needs a blueprinted plan of action that defines how your business will look in three months, one year, five years, and in fifty years.

5. You must become your business's voice and it's master builder.

You become the instrument that is used to make your business come to life.

And thus, you've got to sit down and spend an intimate amount of time understanding the story behind your business along with how your business will be used and structured to effectively do what it's being birth to do?

6. Put together a business strategy statement that will clearly spell out all of the "hows"

  • How will your business grow and evolve?

  • How will your business establish it's reputation in your community and beyond.

  • How will your business leave it's footprints on the web?

  • How will your business connect to it's customer market?

  • How will your business behave amongst it's competitors?

  • How will your business know when it's been stretched to thin?

  • How will your business even know that it's met success?

  • How will your business know when it's failing?

7. Use your business strategy statement to spell out how you will measure success.

  • How will you know whether your business actually left the intended impact in it's customer's lives?

  • What measures will you look at to determine that your business is actually living up to it's intended design?

8. Those questions form the baseline of a solid business strategy statement.

  • Those baseline are the humble beginnings of what you must include in your business's vision plan.

  • Those are the bottom-line questions that you must be able to give an answer to when determining how to make your business a reality.

Begin finding the answers for your business strategy statement now.

It is up to you to document how your business will behave in the present and in the future to ensure that it is giving your customers a reason to come back.

Here's to creating a business strategy statement that will give your business an edge!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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