11 Tips To Help  Get Through Your Business Startup Blues

How do you get through your business startup blues?

The question: How do I get through my business startup blues ? 
The answer:  try a little patience, strategy, and fortitude.

How Do You Get Through Your Business Startup Blues?

When you start your new business, you have to come to grips with the reality that patience (plus a little strategy) is a virtue .

There may be times when it seems like you've waited months and months for your new business to fly, but right now it's just limping along.

Step One. Accept The Fact That There Is No Guarantee.

Oftentimes, as new business owners, we forget that there are no guarantees when we launch our business.

  • There is no guarantee that we will fail .

  • There is no guarantee that we will succeed .

  • There is no guarantee that our customer' will be beating our doors down .

Step Two. Rest in the Confidence of Designing Your Business With Your Customer In Mind.

The only guarantee that we can hold onto, is the guarantee that we increase our likelihood of success when:

  1. We have taken the time to build a customer focused business.

  2. That will make the lives of a hand-selected niche of customers better.

  3. By either solving their problem, making them feel better…or both.

Step Three. Accept The Fact That Just Starting Your New Business Doesn't Guarantee You Customers

  • "If I build it, then they may not come." is business fact that all businesses, large and small, have to contend with.

  • People…are…busy. (Memorize this fact and your business will succeed a lot quicker.)

Step Four. Plan To Capture The Attention Of Your Customers By Developing a Customer-Focused Elevator Pitch For Your Business

  • Your customers are faced with trying to do more with less .

  • They wake up going 100 mph and sometimes they may not even stop to take a breath until they go to bed at night.

  • Thus, when you approach your customer know that they don't have time to listen to your 30-minute dissertation on the finer points of your business.

Step Five. Use Your Customer-Focused Elevator Pitch To Let Them Know What's In It For Them.

Anytime you meet someone who could benefit from your business, be prepared to tell them what's…in…it…for…them?

  • Get to the point and be upfront.

  • Why should they care about your new business launch?

  • What benefit do they get out of it?

  • What problem is it that you are trying to help them solve ?

Step Six. Breathe. Give Your Business The Time It Needs To Grow.

You have to give your business enough time to mature.

  • Think about it takes the human body nine months to fabricate all of the intricate vessels for a newborn baby.

  • AND THEN...it takes that same mother 18 years (at least that what she's hoping for) to shape and mold that newborn baby into an honorable, self-supporting human being.

Don't get me wrong. It won't take your business 9 months and 18 years to get off the ground.  But it will take a little time, patience, and strategy to make it grow the way you need it to grow.

Step Seven. Realistically Assess - And Then Satisfy - Your Current Needs.

While your are waiting for your business to grow into the success that you will mold it into, you need to plan how you will bring in income in the meantime.

  • Understand, that a part being a successful business person, means that you create a plan for your long-term as well as short term and more immediate needs.

  • Thus, you need to have a realistic assessment of what you need, right now, to survive.

  • And…you need to have a plan of action in place that will support your reality.

Step Eight. Develop Your Intermediate Plan.

  1. If you are not careful, your sense of desperation will overpower your decision-making prowess.

    • You can't sell desperation.

    • An intermediate plan of action gives you insight on how you will survive while you are waiting on your business to flourish.

  2. So, here's what you need to develop of Intermediate Plan of Action.

    • Figure out how much income you really need to support your life and your business.

    • Determine upfront how long your business can survive without money.

    • Determine if you have enough cash flow to maintain your life without the initial income flow for your business?

    • If not, is there any way you can borrow the money ?
    • Is there way you can create a product or service offering that will generate the start up funds you need?

Step Nine. Design your business to bring in multiple streams of income.

Protect your customers and the survivability of your business by designing your business to earn income from a variety of methods.

  • The key is to create an multi-priced array of products and services that will entice your customer's to try it and buy it.

  • Avoid the temptation to replace customer-focused marketing efforts with more aggressive marketing tactics.

  • Aggressive marketing tactics will irritate your customers enough to flee from your business.

Step Ten. Develop Your Strategic Plan Of Action, Then Act…Immediately.

No matter how hard you try, you can't circumvent your reality.

Your business success hinges on your continual need to sleep, eat, and make sound, strategic decisions.

Step Eleven. Clear Your Head and Lead Your Business From a Stance of Success.

To move your business forward, decisions have to be made, and actions have to take placeFocus your efforts on starting your business with success in mind.


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