How to Create a Website
For Your Business.

How to Create a Website For Your Business

Your question: "How do create a website for
my business?" has to be followed up with,
"How do I create a website for my business
that will deliver bottom-line value for
my targeted web-visitor?"

You've finally summoned the courage to build your own site, but here's your key concern: "How are you supposed create a website for your business?"

Site Build It!

In fact, many questions race through your mind, like:

How should you start?

What should you include?

What should be the driving force that shapes your website?

What are your options from getting your website up and running when you don't really know all of that Google-techie stuff?

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Figuring out how create a website for your business requires

  1. Focus.

  2. A base understanding of what you have to offer.

  3. A fundamental understanding of who it is that your website will serve.

How To Create A Website For Your Business - Fundamental Step One - Focus on the needs of your target audience.

  • What is it that they are desperately searching for?

  • What has propelled them to find your site?

  • What solution are they looking for you to give them?

  • What is it that they expect from your website?

  • What is there on your site, that will make them want to come back for more...and more....and more?

      How To Create A Website For Your Business - Fundamental Step Two - Get a base understanding of why your site exists in the first place.

      • Your site has to serve a specific purpose for a specific and targeted niche of people.

        • If it doesn't, then you will have a hard time trying to drive people to click and stay.

        • You will have a hard time trying to convince them to buy your services, or try your new business.

      • This is because we have reached a new customer-business historical cornerstone.

        • Customers have an seemingly unlimited supply of web-choices.

        • Never before have customers had such a prevalence of options, choice, and informational venues.

        • And now, more than ever, your customers are exercising that power.

          • They click in and out of sites so fast and so furiously that if you don't have something that they can hang onto…then you might as well forget it.

          • They scurry in and out of your site so fast that you barely have time to say "Hello."

      • So you must take the time, up front, to understand:

        1. Why it is that your site exists, and

        2. Who it is that will benefit from your site's existence.

        3. When trying to figure out exactly what your website should say, continually ask yourself, these questions:

          "When I finally launch my business site..."

          • Which targeted group of people will be relieved enough - and feel welcomed enough - to click through my site?

          • Which group of people will excitedly click through my site, finding that I delivered exactly what it is that they have been desperately searching for?

          • Which group of people will slow down their pace enough to even notice me?

          If your answer to this is, "I really don't know,"

          • Then you definitely want to spend time assessing:

            • What it is that you need your web-voice to say? and

            • Why it is that your web-presence will make a difference?

    How To Create A Website For Your Business - Fundamental Step Three - Take time to plan, up front, how you will you attract targeted web traffic?

    • I hear you asking, "Huh? What do you mean by when you say that my focus has to be on web-targeted traffic?

      • "You mean I don't automatically get web-traffic just because I build my site?"

    • Yes...that's what I'm saying.

      • Here's the chillingly-harsh reality about building your site: just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come.

      • In fact, your web-visitor could care less about you, your site, your web-voice, or your web-presence.

        • Let that fact sink in a bit.

        • It is the one fact that will help you to assess how to create your business website with customer-focused intent.

    • In order for you to build a website that will make your business noticed, you have got to understand their web-search from their perspective.

      • What is it that they are looking for?

      • And...what is it that they expect you to give them?

    • If you give them stale, moldy junk...then I promise they won't be back for more.

    • And guess what?

      • It's up to you to understand their needs, wants, wishes and desires so that you can provide them with solid value.

    • If you can't give them value, a solution, or something to chew over, then they really don't need you...

      • They will just go somewhere else.

      • And trust me, they won't even blink an eye.

    • This is due to the fact that today's web-world gives your web-visitor they got over one billion other web-choices

      • Understand that your web-competition is fierce.

        • Envision those one billion other web-owners out there lining up to lure them in, and give them That thing they are desperately searching to find.

      How To Create A Website For Your Business - The Bottom-line.

      It is imperative that you use the three above-mentioned foundational realities to frame your website building approach.