Seven Things You Must Know If You Are Looking To Increase Traffic To Your Website

When looking to increase traffic to you website it helps to keep these five things in mind.

When it comes to getting an increase in traffic to your website, you have to understand that you are not alone -  getting an increase in website traffic is on the top of every web owners mind.

We all want traffic galore, and we want it now.  Below are five realities you need to know when trying to get increased web traffic to your site.

1. Just because you want it, doesn't mean you will get it.

Traffic is a result of you doing many of your web things right.  It would mean that you've taken the time to get a few website fundamentals right and that you've taken the time to understand your audience.

This means that you understand your targeted web vistor's search behavior, you know what they are looking for, and you have designed your site to get their attention by using Google search keywords that fit their needs (and not your own).

2. An Increase In Web Site Traffic Doesn't Happen In An Instant

Getting traffic to your site is a gradual process.  It doesn't happen fast overnight, but if you concentrate on getting your site fundamentals right, it WILL happen.

3. Find Ways To Market Your Website And Yourself Outside Of Your Website

One of the many ways to get your web site traffic to increase is to spend time understanding how to get your website or blog noticed by customers and other website/blog owners.  

  • Spend time networking in your web circle and begin asking other site owners for guest blogging opportunities and to link to your site. 

  • Spread a little link love yourself by finding other website owners or bloggers to link to and build relationships with.  Invite people you know and other online website owners to an interview for your site and feature their story or their advice on your website.

4. Be Social

Oftentimes we as website owners want an increase in traffic to our web site, but we don't want often forget that people are an instrumental part of the equation.  Spend a little time investing the various social media outlets and testing them to see which type of social media outlet works best for you, your audience and your site.

One word of caution here: sprinkle social media time/testing in your website marketing mix, but don't spend all your time there, because to get more traffic on your website would mean that you are actually working to make your web site THE resource for your target audience.

5. Create A Website Promotion Strategy To Make Your Web Traffic Efforts More Strategic

When you begin to think about how to get more traffic to your website, strategically engage your thoughts. Be willing to stretch yourself and think beyond yourself and your own website building efforts.  

Think strategically about where your audience might hang out online and where they may want to 'meet' you.  Also don't forget to think local: have you thought about writing a few feature articles or provide few interviews for groups of people you meet locally


6. Getting An Increase In Traffic Doesn't Necessary Mean More Customers For You

When you begin building out your website traffic strategy make sure you build it with the intention to attract your 'targeted' customer.  It takes work and strategy to get more traffic to your site.  

Don't burn yourself out chasing down and audience that won't care about what your web voice is saying.  You want to attract web visitors that care about what you are doing and what you are saying.  

You want them to vibe with your voice, your approach and eventually you may want to to buy your product or your service offering.  So...whatever you do, make sure you allow those people you meet on and off-line to meet the authenitic you. 

7.  Have Fun And Know That Building A Successful Website That Gets Traffic Isn't A ShortTerm QuickWin Deal

There are many ways to attract traffic to your website.  Some will work like a charm and others will flop.  Keep experimenting to find the right mix of online and offline ways to let people know about you, your website, and what you have to offer.



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