How Do I Love thee...Three Can't MissTips About Making A Website That People Will Love!

by Jaymie Pierce
(Jasper Ga)

<i>If you are thinking about making a website, then give me what it is that I'm looking for...</i>

If you are thinking about making a website, then give me what it is that I'm looking for...

How do I love thee....

I can count the ways a website works for me and I can tell you the things that will have me exiting out of it as fast as I can.

In fact, if you've been thinking about making a website, then keep these few website design tips in mind.

Here's my experience as a web-site surfer.

Making A Website - Tip One

First, when I am in search of a certain piece of information or an item to purchase I want to find it straight away.

I don't want to have to read through lines and lines of boasting and bragging to get there.

Making A Website - Tip Two

I also like a site that isn't bland and boring I want to be excited about what I see, something to feast my eyes on, but don't blind me with too many colors or send me screaming for the x out with a lot of pop up ads.

Making A Website - Tip Three

If you are selling a product make sure the price is clear I won't click again to take me to another page and be sure to be up front about your shipping costs and how to contact.

If it's information I am looking for don't lure me through a lot of reading to find out that you are going to sell it to me.

That turns me off, if your information is good enough to sell be up front about that and by the time I've read what you have to say I will have considered buying it.

Making A Website - The Bottom-Line:

Overall I like a website that works for me and isn't going to wear me down or take forever to load.

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