Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Your dream to start your own cleaning business is definitely do-able.
Find out why a cleaning business startup is one of the
hottest small business ideas to start today.


Why Starting Your Own Cleaning Business Makes Sense


To start your own cleaning business is possibly one of the most profitable small business ideas that you can start in the brick and mortar business world.

A cleaning business startup makes sense because houses, offices and other business get dirty. In fact, I recently heard from a woman who decided to start her own house cleaning business to serve the needs of women who complained of never having enough time to clean their own home.

As long as things get dirty, someone is going to need to clean them. This is where you can cash in with a cleaning business startup.  While the start-your-own-cleaning-business venture is not for everyone, it is a perfect opportunity for someone who likes to clean and can do a good job with it.


Types Of Cleaning Businesses You Can Start


The cleaning business startup is definitely one of the small business ideas that will offer you a lot of choice and flexibility.


When you start your own cleaning business, you can choose between two different types of market groups, (1) the commercial group and (2 ) the consumer group.

The commercial group are the people that own businesses that require cleaning services and the consumer group is the everyday person at home that looks around and goes "I would rather pay someone to clean for me."

One recent business owner recent wrote in about how his idea of starting a office cleaning business took off quickly, and how it's been one of the best small business ideas that he could have started.

Within These Groups Are Multiple Groups Of Cleaning Companies That Cater To Their Needs

  • For example in the consumer group you have maid services, window cleaners, chimney sweeps, carpet and furniture cleaners as well as other services that are not needs frequently such as gutter cleaning.
  • In the commercial group is basically catered to by janitorial type companies. These services offer more than a consumer maid service. There are also furniture and window cleaning services that cater to the businesses and not the individual consumer.


When You Start Your Own Cleaning Business, Get A Handle On How You Envision Of Your Small Business Idea


Staring your own cleaning business can help you generate income almost immediately.   It is possible for you to decide today you want to start a cleaning business and start making money tomorrow.

  • Naturally this will depend on the products you have already and if there is someone you can clean for.
  • You also don't have to start running your business full-time either, you can start part time (say on the weekends only) until you build a solid client base with consistent needs.
  • But once you start, you may find that word of mouth may make your cleaning business explode, much like the experience of one couple's fast growth story of starting a home cleaning business in their community.


Be ForeWarned: Entrepreneurs Who Start A Cleaning Business Soon Realize That It Can Be A Thankless Job (Or Not)


While there isn't any glitz or glamour in cleaning toilets or floors, I've had many cleaning business owners to say that their clients truly appreciate their services.

The key to understand that you are delivering a quality-of-life service that allows your customers to experience a more stress-free life because of what you over.  And that, my dear, is what drives many cleaning business startups to take pride in what they do.

Brace yourself though, every now and then you may meet a client who will may not take your business seriously or undervalue what you do. 

The key is to let clients up front know that you take yourself and your business seriously, and that you expect to be treat with the same professional courtesy as any other business provider.


Here's To Your Success As You Start Your Own Cleaning Business!


P.S. Here's A Few More Tips To Cleaning Business Startup A Success...