Starting A Home Cleaning Business: The Fast-Growth Story Of One Couple's Home Cleaning Business Success

If you are starting a home cleaning business, then I say, go for it. Our
home-based cleaning business startup took off really fast via
word of mouth and is now paying off handsomely.

Tips Starting A Home Cleaning Business By Thomas E. (USA) - A House Cleaning Business Owner

My Starting A Home Cleaning Story Really Started As A Result Of A Lay Off

I got laid off from my job as a maintenance man at a large office building when a lot of the clients left for different and more modern spaces. My wife was a 'at home' mom to our two kids.

When I got laid off and was looking for work, my wife brought up the idea of starting a home cleaning business.  After she and I discussed the pros and cons of me starting a home cleaning business , I decided that it made sense. It was work that we could schedule out and she and I could both work in the business to get it off the ground.


My Home Cleaning Business Start-Up Effort Was Actually Easier Than I Thought


Getting started was actually easier then I thought. It was just the two of us cleaning at first and we got our business license fairly quick and easy.


When Starting A Home Cleaning Business, We Quickly Realized That We Had To Spend Money To Make Money


Our house cleaning business start-up cost more then I initially anticipated. But my wife was good at saving money so we had it to pay.


My Advice To Anyone Starting A Home Cleaning Business Is That You Immediately Begin To Spread The Word About Your New Business


While we were waiting for our business license to go through, we started getting the word out.

  • We told everyone from our dentist and the people who cut our hair to our friends and neighbors.
  • We placed small ads in all the local papers and announced it on our social networking websites that we belonged to.
  • Several people picked us up right away, so I jumped on the house cleaning business opportunities that came my way - and our new business was off to a great start.


Because We Started Our House Cleaning Business Together, We Divided Out The Responsibilities


We decided upfront that I was to do most of the work to begin with and my wife would take shifts when her help was needed.  When our house cleaning business started expanding, we shared a lot more of the business responsibilities.  My wife took care of the appointments and the paper work and basically told me which jobs I had and which schedule to follow.


The Feeling Of Success - Starting A Home Cleaning Business Was A Great Decision For Us


It worked out really well for us. We were working and we were happy about our decision to start a house cleaning business together.  One of the nice things starting our own cleaning business is that we did not need a lot of money for start up.  Many of the home owners that we cleaned actually supplied much of their own products and equipment.


The Biggest Surprise Of Starting Our Own Home Cleaning Business Was How Fast We Actually Grew


Believe it or not, the hardest part of starting my own cleaning business was how fast word got out about our business. Our customers told people they knew about our business, so the word of mouth really traveled fast.


Early In Our Process We Got So Many Calls. And, Because I Didn't Want To Turn Anyone Down, We Got A Lot Of Customers - Fast


My inability to turn down clients really put us in a tight pinch. We tried our best to keep up with the demanding cleaning schedule brought about by our new business.  We eventually realized that we could not manage the our schedule by ourselves, so we hired two part time cleaners.


If You Are Thinking Of Starting A Home Cleaning Business, Make Sure You Stay Insured


It was confusing to get the right insurance so make sure you go with a great place.  You need to be insured for many different things when you own your own business.


Starting A Home Cleaning Business - The Bottom-Line


I don't have one regret starting my own business. Business has been great, and now we have money to pay our employees, pay our bills, and live our lives.

  • We had a bank account for the business and took our salary out of that account and moved it to our personal accounts.
  • We hired an accountant to do our taxes and eventually to do payroll for our few employees.


If You Are Organized And Have Experience In The Field, I Highly Recommend Starting Your Own Home Cleaning Business


The hours are not very flexible since most companies want you in there when they are closed for the day so it has involved working a lot of nights which has given me more time with my children and my wife.  You don't need a lot of space either for your supplies.


Here's To Your Success With Finding Small Business Ideas That Fit Your Passion!


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