Latarsha Lytle
illustrator Portfolio

Proud Woman In Technology And
African American Author Illustrator For Children's Books

I am a proud African American woman in tech - a field that is defining where our world is going, and how the human experience will be shaped for generations to come.

I am also much more, I am a creative, a storyteller, a mentor, speaker and an encourager, and a coach to women and girls - encouraging them to understand, develop and give a voice to their gifts to enable them to bring their full selves to the world and make an impact that will last generations.

I’ve spent countless hours in my community and in the tech arena using my voice to empower the lives of girls and young women. But...the sad thing: STEM is still a predominantly male-dominated field and there are times when women in tech are made to feel that they don’t belong in the tech space.

Amazingly, it’s where MANY creatives, innovators, and problem-solving girls can go to be fully engaged.

So...I want to do something about it. I’m a picture book author illustrator working on picture book projects that celebrate girls in STEM who are diverse, creative, innovative and full of life. By introducing brown and diverse characters I will be able to use my author/illustrator voice to encourage more girls to at least begin to consider (and understand) technology and the power of using one’s voice and innovation to influence the world - both where it is and where it’s headed.

I have a Chemical Engineering and IT background with a Bachelors in Environmental Analysis and Design along with two Masters Degrees - one a MBA with IT emphasis and the other in Marketing with a Strategy emphasis.  I have worked in many cybersecurity companies such as McAfee, Cisco, and Duo. I currently work as a Business Intelligence Manager for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.