All About That Fit: 7 Things You Need To Know When Searching For The Best Small Business For You

Uncover 7 critical things that you need to know when searching for the best small business idea that will work for you.

Uncover 7 critical things that you need to know when searching for the best small business idea that will work for you.

Yep. The Best Small Business Idea For You DOES Exist - The Key Is To Know How To Find That ONE Start-Up Idea That's Perfect For You

When you look around you, you are convinced that there HAS to be a business that you can start.  Though you see small business ideas all around you, but you are on a quest to find the best small business for you.

Before settling on that start-up idea that will be the best small business idea for you, take a look at the 7 things you need to think through before you can find that new business idea that is perfect for you.

1.  The Best Small Business Idea For You Needs To Fit (Um)....You

Hmm....yes, I know that sounds simple.  But let's face it:  Any small business that you start will require your commitment, follow-through, and brain-power.

Which is why it's best to find that small business idea that will fit you: who you are today as well as who you are becoming tomorrow.

Your takeaway:  Take time to understand: you.

Take time to understand your strengths (and weaknesses) as well as the types of businesses that will either make your smile or make your run.

When you find THAT start-up business idea that has your name on it, it will allow you to bring your strength and passion into play.

Starting a successful business requires grit, follow-through, strategy and intent.  The best small business for you is one that at least fits you, your gifts, your strengths, and your passions.

2. The Best Small Business Idea Will Be One That Aligns With Where The World Is Headed

Okay...time to be real.  Technology and life is moving fast (and evolving even faster). 

Regardless of the type of business you start, you will need to make sure that it will survive the quick pace of change that we are dealing with around us.

One thing you may want to do is to scan current trends (in your local paper, on your social media news feed, or online), and see what people are complaining or feeling overwhelmed about. 

Keep a list of those trends that you find most interesting in file or notebook because they could hold the key to finding the right business idea for you. 

3.  The Best Small Business Idea Will ALWAYS Be THAT Business That Exists To Solve A Customer's Problem

If you aren't solving problems, then you might not have found that start-up idea that will work for you. 

Start today practicing the art of being a problem-detector.  Those entrepreneurs who can first see, then solve problems, are those who have lasting, successful businesses.

Start getting known as a great problem-solver.  Why?  Because people patronize businesses that helps them to either (a) solve their problem, (b) make them feel better, or (c) both. 

4. Make A Habit Of Scan Through Business Magazines, Business Newletters, Or KickStarter Campaigns To See If Any Appeal To You.

Begin by scanning through the small list I've put together for you here.  Then do a Google search to find other small business ideas lists.  Compile a list of those business ideas that scream YOUR name. 

Why?  Because the best small business idea for you is one that will appeal to who you are, what you can do, and those skills that you bring to the table. 

Below are the types of business ideas you emailed me about and I scanned and brought to you.  On each of these pages, you will find a series of articles that lead you through what it takes to get the selected type of business off the ground.

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5.  Begin Shift Your Thoughts To That Of A Successful Business Owner By Investing In...You, Future CEO/Founder

I know...I needed to have started your business yesterday. 

And you don't have but a few hours to devote to your business because you are living a very busy life.

As an aspiring business owner, the one thing you need to begin doing now is shifting your mindset from employee or student to successful business owner/leader.

Spend time reading and basking in the thought process of characteristics that distinguish the successful business owner from the unsuccessful one.

You must start by shifting your thoughts away from building-a-job, to building a sustainable, living breathing organization that will eventually survive without you.  You don't want to trap yourself by building a want to build a business.

6. Adopt A "Testing/Experimental" Mindset To Find That Best Small Business Idea That Will Work For You (And Your Future Customers)

Think of your new business venture as a experiment.  Talk to a few people who may have the problem you are thinking of solving.

Then put together a small project to help them solve their problem.  Don't simply design your business all at once, start small and practice it bit by bit.

Find ONE person who you can help with your skill-set and passion.  Talk to them, get intimately acquainted with how they think about their problem, and the types of solutions they have tried thus far.

Challenge yourself to see if you can actually help them to solve their problem.  If you can...great!  You are on to something.  Move on to the next person, and then the next.  Each time adding an element, maybe charging a little fee, and making a note of how you solved their problem, and what the result was for them.

Keep doing this, and little by little, you could build a viable business, one happy customer at a time.

7.  Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up.

If there is a business idea inside of you, then listen to it.  Give it an ear.  Advance it little by little over time. 

Why?  Because finding the best small business idea for you and then building it up to become a successful and thriving business takes time, effort, and can be a rewarding experience if you take the time to find the best small business idea for you.

Be Encouraged To Start THAT Business That Makes You Smile Impacts The Lives Of Others

Yours Truly,

Latarsha, You Small Business Start-Up Coach And Encourager (And Your Biggest Fan)