How to Start Your Business And Become Known By Finding and Following Your Passion.

How to Start Your Business And Become Known By Finding Your Passion

Your question: how should I start my business? Is it tied to finding my passion?
My response: "Your quest to start your business begins with finding your
passion and purpose...which is where I step in.

My Goal Is To Guide You Through How to Start Your Business And Become Known By Finding and Following Your Passion.

Hello. Glad you stopped by.

I created this site as a motivational guide that points you to how to start your business and become known by finding and following your passion.

My goal is to give you sound advice about starting and running a business:

  • that will fit into the context of your life,
  • stir your passion,
  • serve your purpose,
  • earn you money, and
  • allow you to leave your impact on this Earth.

My Story. How Did I Start This Business? And What I Did About Finding My SweetSpot.

My life was made with purpose, and for way too many years I sat on my gift.

I finally decided to push past the blocks, and walk into my own SweetSpot:

  • Helping to breath life and fire into the entrepreneurial dreams of women who know that their life was made to do more – to do something great.

My Challenge: How Could I Start This Business? And What Could I Do About Finding A Way To Get Through The Obstacles.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I had to learn how to fight my way through my circumstances and prepare to walk into my future a success.

  • I rolled up my sleeves,
  • humbled myself before God,
  • I came out on the other side as a certified coach, equipped with
  • a coaching certification,
  • an MBA,
  • and second Master’s in Marketing.

I am now honoring my promise to God that I would do as He has instructed me.
    I can’t leave the world the same as when I found it.

    I want it to be said, that I came, I saw… and I left an impact.

How Will I Help You Start Your Business? It Starts With Following Yourself And Finding Your SweetSpot.

I want it to be said that I came, I saw and I helped you to

  • find your gift,
  • put it into words, and
  • package it in such a way that you are finally able to become known for that THING you need to be known for.

I have a TenderSpot in my heart centered on helping you walk into your future and helping you to walk into your SweetSpot and

  1. Overcome life’s stumbling blocks
  2. Push through the naysayers, and
  3. Crawl those blah life-moments and
  4. Re-connect to your kid at heart,
  5. Use your life purpose to start a business that makes a difference,
  6. Make it to the edges of your success by taking the first step your journey,
  7. Walking into a fulfilled and successful future.
  8. And accomplishing all those goals that are hidden within the your heart, given the context of your reality.

How Should You Use This

Start Your Business

? Start With Looking Around And Finding Links That Will Guide You Through Your SweetSpot Process.

And before you leave, browse around a bit, and hopefully you leave feeling confident by taking away these three three things:

  1. You must continually reach out to find the motivation to keep moving forward.

  2. The understanding that you must use your today to define where you will be tomorrow .
  3. New business ideas for your small startup will never come to you if you can’t find a little peace of mind and a hardy sense of sanity.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I am available for hire.
  • I am a motivational speaker, ideal for woman groups.
  • I also host a few ongoing business or career-focused success-circles and seminars.
  • I also provide one-on-one personal coaching and consultation sessions for women looking to start a new career or business.

Wishing You A Fulfilled And Vibrant Life!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, MA, CC, your admirer, strategy partner, and biggest fan.

My Life Was Made To Inspire, Uplift, and Give Strategic Direction. Be Inspired. Look Below To Find Articles Meant To Inspire You And Move You Forward.


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