How to Start Your Business
With Nothing But Your
Heart and A Dream

How to Start Your Business With Nothing When All You Have Is A Dream.

The key to finding how to start your business
with nothing is to cling to your purpose,
follow your heart, and focus your
efforts on releasing your spark.

How to start your business with nothing but a dream.

How to start your business with nothing?

Is something that you should ponder

How to start your business with nothing?

To answer, just let your heart wander

Don’t hide from your purpose.

It’s there within your heart.

It peeks through your soul,

Wondering when you will start.

Give your purpose a voice, a choice,

And a chance to make it’s claim,

Give your purpose a chance to live,

And a chance to call your name.

Give your purpose it’s hands and feet,

And a body to which to attach.

It stands there within your soul,

Waiting for you to act

Give your purpose a tongue and a song,

So it can hum sweet melodies to your soul.

Give your purpose an outlet to the world,

And a story to be told.

Give your purpose release into the world around,

It deserves it’s chance

It wishes to make the world a better place,

And lead a dance of change.

Give your purpose a microphone,

And let it speak with a cleared voice.

It deserves a chance to tell it’s story,

To impact life, if that’s it’s choice.

So now you know the answer to

How to start your business with nothing but your dream?

It’s about giving your purpose it’s chance to stand,

To be heard, felt and seen.

Give your purpose a chance,

To stand and sing it’s Glory song.

So that God gets the glory…you get a story,

And your purpose stands through life feeling

Empowered, Ready and Strong.

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