The Buzz Factor.

How to Start a New Small Business
And Make It A Success And A Biz
That Customers Will Crave.

Learn the secret involved in how to start a new small business
with success. Time to capture your customer's attention
and generate local buzz. The Do-Me is factor is all
you'll need to knock them off their feet.

How do you start your new small business with success? By focusing on creating Customer-Attraction bang?

When you start to think through all the marketing strategies available to you, you must ponder how you will start your new small business with success. You must find a way to target a customer base who will crave your offering and rave about it to their network of friends and family.

So, how should you start your new small business to see success?

Try implementing the DO-Me, Do-ME marketing approach.

It’s a market positioning approach that helps you create a business that customers will crave and then rave about by designing your business to give them the experience of their dreams.

Here’s the basis for the DO-Me, Do ME Approach:

  • Imagine two young children enjoying their time at the park.

    • Sibling One is being half-pushed by his unconcerned older sibling,

    • Sibling Two is being pushed by Dad himself.
        Watch him, it’s like he’s being pushed into the sky.

    • Sibling One then responds with this very simple, but desperate plea:

        “Dad,” he squeals. “Do ME, DO Me.”

  • Well…that’s really what your customer is looking for from you.

    • They want you to provide them with an experience that gives them a joyful experience.

    • Thus, your key question is how to start your new small business in such a way that success follows.

    • You must be creative enough to attract customers and benefit from word of mouth marketing.

Here’s an example of how you can start your new small business with success by using the DO-Me, Do-ME approach at the helm:

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have started a business as a wedding singer and your ideal customer is a wedding couple looking to create the wedding of their dreams.

Let’s further imagine that you and another wedding singer are both vying for the same position.

    But here’s the difference,

    • Wedding Singer One has never bumped into the DO-Me, Do-ME business positioning approach.

    • You have.

Let’s listen in on the conversation between how Wedding Singer One approaches how she will start her new small business.

Your Competition - Wedding Singer Number One

(Let's pay close attention to how she presents her brand story)

“Well…I’m a really good singer. A lot of people want me to sing at their wedding…I’m open to singing whatever you want me to. And it will cost you $100.”


“Oh, and here are the times of my availability…let me know if any of these dates fit within your wedding date.”

(Is that all that she has to say about herself?)


    After that, Wedding Singer Number One gets up, shake hands, and bid the couple adieu.

(The End...)

(A little ho-hum, right?).

Now…your turn. You’ve figured out how you will start your new small business with success and a bang.

First, let's review factors that influence your marketing approach:

  1. You recognize that this couple is a member of your beloved customer-niche

  2. You also realize that they are looking for a wedding singer that will make the wedding of their dreams a living legacy.

Thus, you approach them using your practiced DO-Me, Do-ME marketing approach

Your marketing approach goal is three-fold:

  1. You want to present your business in such a way that they will go absolutely crazy about what it is that you do.

  2. You want to make them craving, raving fans.

  3. You want news of your business to spread through their network of family and friends so that your business can grow through word of mouth marketing.

Let’s listen in to the DO-Me, Do-ME marketing approach you use to win the heart and the business of the previous mentioned wedding couple.

You’ve practiced this approach many times because you recognize that having a clearly differentiated market position. is the key to how you will start your new small business with a bang:

“I would be honored to sing at your wedding, though I do not consider myself to be a wedding singer…

Instead, I think of myself as a wedding songbird.

For, you see, when I sing at a wedding, I do much more than belt a tune, I paint pictures with my voice and create memories.

I know how to approach each note with just the right panache to allow you and your guests to share a moment that lasts forever.

In fact, people stop me months later and say that when they hear a song that I song for them at their wedding, they can close their eyes and re-imagine that special day.

I’ve been told that when they hear that particular song in the middle of even a dreary day, it brings a smile to their faces and makes their love together even stronger.

If you are curious about the impact that I have had on other weddings, here’s a DVD that details some of my work.

On the DVD, you will find some actual footage of me delivering my brand of magic, along with testimonials from many of my past clients .

Be on the lookout for the footage from Mr and Mrs. Richards.

I think it’s around Track Five on the DVD.

They are a couple from about 7 months ago, they enjoy watching their DVD so much, that each month they re-watch their ceremony on a specially-commemorated DVD I prepared for them.

They are so appreciative. Each month I get a card from them that thanks me for the special role I had in making their wedding day magical.

Oh, and if you decide to hire me, then expect a special treat to be handed to you during your wedding reception. >

I have a special surprise I like to give each wedding couple to commemorate their special day for years to come.

Here is my DVD, spend a little time thinking it over, and I will give you a call in about five days to see whether or not you have made a decision.

Regardless of which wedding singer hiring decision you make, I wish you a magical ceremony.

Wow…let’s take a step back and give the couples a moment to figure out which wedding singer they will hire to sing at their own wedding. :

DING! DING! DING! Times up, which do you think they want to hire?

    Well…to answer your lingering question…

  • They decided within the first ten-minutes of your marketing presentation to hire you.

  • They are looking forward to having you DO your magical songbird rendition at their wedding.

  • And to add more excitement to the moment they went home and called all their friends and family members, , excitedly spreading your brand story to anyone who cared to listen.

Your turn. How will you start your new small business with a success and a bang?