The Role of Strategy In Your Small Business:
How to Start Your Business Confidently.

The Role of Strategy In Your Small Business - How to Start Your Business Sanely

During business start-up, plan your moves
strategically. When starting your small
business, ask yourself how you will
start your business and run it with
strategic intent and focus.

When starting up your small business, you must know how you will start your business with an eye on strategy.

When you blueprint your business, you must think strategically.

  • Sound strategy starts with the right goal.  It’s about finding your magic.  Defining its’ role and its’ impact.

  • And sculpting your business offering to meet the needs a hand selected niche of people who are in dire need of what it is that you do.

  • Truths you need to consider for your small business, and how you start it with limited resources.

    1. You have limited time, attention, and other resources.

      Thus, you have to optimize how you use your time, what you choose to give your attention to, as well as how you use your start-up funds.

    2. To bring your business to life you will have to step through a series of actions.

      Each of these actions, small or large, impact the success of your business.

      However, prior to taking any of these actions, you will have gone through a series of thoughts.

      And it is here, in your series of thoughts, that strategy begins.

    You don’t have all the time and energy in the world, thus you will have to optimize how you use your time.

    It is at the point of "optimization" where strategy comes in for your small business.

    • You must ask yourself how you will start your business and run it with strategic focus.

    • Leading your business with a strategic arm suggests that your business moves from conception to reality via a series of deliberate and intentional acts that involve:

      • Having a defined vision by which to measure all action.

      • Setting a series concrete and measurable goals and subgoals.

      • Concentrated thoughts and actions that move you toward the goal.

      Your small business and how it will start depends on your ability to prioritize how your business will approach the market.

      During the business startup phase you will be hit with all kinds of decision and action steps that you will have to make to bring your business to life.   Thus, you have to set and establish your priorities that guide

      • What your business will do, as well as

      • How you will do it.

      For if you do not focus and prioritize, you will find that your time and energy is absorbed into a never-ending business startup cycle will never allow your business to become the business you fully envision.

      Your small business and how it will make a becoming start hinges on how well you navigate through tough startup choices.

      Thus, when you are in startup phase, it is imperative that you make a series of decisions that will

      • Get you from where you are

      • To where you need your business to be.

      The character of your business and the legacy your business will leaveis shaped by the series of choices you make during its’ lifetime.

      It’s about establishing your priorities so they will guide you in making decisions that will give you business that’s congruent and consistent with the legacy-building business you envision.

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