Find that Home Business Idea That Will Drive
You and Your Targeted Niche Wild.

Find a Home Business Idea That Will Drive You And Your Customers Wild!

Focus your efforts on finding that home business idea that will drive you -
and your targeted niche audience - absolutely wild!

Most Great Home Business Ideas Spin Themselves Out Of Sheer Need

The recipe to find the best home business idea for you: Need + Passion + Strategy = Best Home Business Idea

  • Start With Your. You need to earn income through some type of work-at-home endeavor.

  • Add Their Need. Your target customer needs your business to be born because they are struggling with a problem that requires your potential business's attention.

  • Mix With Your Passion, Strategy and Expertise.. A mince of passion and a large dose of strategy.

  • Stir It All Together...And find a home business idea that's sure to be a success.

To Find The Right Home Business Idea For You, You Will Need To:

Sort through all your ideas to identify that home business idea that

  • Will allow you to utilize the knowledge, skill-base and expertise that you already have

  • To address the complaints, needs, wants, and desires of a targeted cluster who will gladly purchase (and repurchase)the product or service that you produce.

Here's an example.

  • Let's meet Shelly. Shelly is an enterprising teen who is on a mission.

    • Adults tell her that she is mature and extremely responsible for her age.

    • She knows how to handle a lot of different situations very responsively.

  • Right now, however, Shelly faces the drudgery shared by many other teens in her community.

    • Shelly needs some kind of way to earn money from home.

    • Thus, Shelly is has been trying to sort through home business ideas to find one that she can put her stamp on.

      • What can she do to make money from home?

    1st. Shelly Identified a Targeted Need.

    Shelly took a very strategic stance by targeting her home business search to meet the needs of a few complaints she heard lately.

    • A lot of her mom's friends were complaining that they needed someone to come and sit in their home for a few hours a day to help watch the kids, and do a few light household duties.

    • In fact, a lot of these moms weren't in need of a baby-sitting service, per se, they just needed someone to play the role of being a mommy-assistant.

    2nd. Shelly Assessed Her Skill-Base And Thought About The Value That She Brought To The Table.

    Shelly thought about what she brought to the table, and realized that she would make a perfect mommy's assistant.

    3rd. Shelly Strategically Focused Her Attention On How She Should Package And Price Her Business.

    • Shelly brainstormed with her mom and figured out she could charge a flat four-hour rate of $35 for four-hour blocks of her time.

    • Then, she set up a registration process for her business and created a checklist of duties - both around the home and outside of the home - that she could perform.

      4th. Most importantly…Shelly Began To Refine Her Service Offering Based On Preliminary Customer Feedback.

      Shelly then circulated her checklist of potential mommy assistant duties around to her mom's friends to have them check off which of the services would provide them the greatest value. What's more...

      • She selected the top 10 of those duties,

      • Created her brochure: "Mommy Assistant for Hire"

        • Which listed all of the duties that she was available for along with her 2-hour and 4-hour flat hourly rates.

        • And began to canvass her community to tell a targeted community of moms that she was available for hire.

      Best of all…three Short Weeks Later, Shelly Is The Head of A Booming Business.

      Now, Shelly is the talk of the town.

      • Moms can't stop raving about her service to other moms.

      • And right now she is booked solid...with a 6-week waiting list.

      • Oh, and by the way...her business is doing so well that she now has to re-adjust her fee structure.

      • Many moms have agreed to pay her more than her initial price because of the value she is adding to their lives.

      Now It's Your Turn - What Opportunities Are Lurking Out There That Will Fit Perfectly For You.

      Look at your potential business opportunities through a complaint-lens to find that home business idea that will win you the hearts, raves, and the pocketbooks of a customer base just waiting for your business to open.

      When You Find Your Home Business Idea Match, Don't Sit On The Opportunity

      Many great home business ideas are out there floating among the sea of complaints - just waiting for you to grab it up and create a profitable business from it.

      When looking for that home business idea that is right for you, keep asking yourself...

      "Is there a cluster of people wishing, wanting, and ready for me to help them through a tough situation?

      Wishing Wild Success In Finding A Home Business Idea That Fits Your Passion And Makes Your Customers Go Wild

      Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, your business strategy advisor and motivational coach

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