Hiccups Happen.

Overcoming Life Problem’s Is A Part of The Business Startup Process.

Overcoming Life’s Problems Is A Part Of  What It Takes To Move Your New Business Forward.

Hiccups happen. Get used to it. Overcoming life’s problems
is a vital part of the business start-up process.

My Method For Overcoming Life’s Problems.

The other day I was asked, “How do you keep on pushing toward your goal when it seems like you have to face disappointment after disappointment?”

My response:

    Understand that it is when you are at your weakest, this is when God is at his strongest.

Help In Overcoming Life’s Problems - Follow God’s Guidance

Oftentimes, I rest assured that God wants me to succeed, for it was Him that gave me this purpose.

Then I remember those lyrics that said:

“Nobody told me the road would be easy, I don’t believe He brought this far to leave me.”

God wants you to succeed. He wants you to live a victorious life. 

  • But oftentimes, when we try to establish our businesses, it seems like we have to face hiccup after hiccup.

  • First this happens, then that happens…and all these things around us seem to take focus away from the goal-at-hand.   Making it seem like the perfect opportunity to throw up our hands and say, “Forget It.”

  • Instead, practice throwing up your hands and give praise to God.

  • Ask Him, “What can I do today that will make my goal happen.”

Understand that the Holy Spirit is standing, ready to help guide you.   He’s waving a sign in front of your heart that says, “Guidance Expert. Just Ask And I Will Answer.”

  • Put Him to work in your life. That’s what He’s there for.

  • Ask Him to help you to get your to-do list in order.

Overcoming Life’s Problems Will Never Happen Without Your Intense Focus.

Focus intensely on what you need to do to move toward your goal.

Break that goal down into small, achievable chunks.

  • And then…ask for guidance on how best to use your time.

  • what can I wrap my mind around while I’m waiting on this moment to pass?” or

  • “though I have just two minutes to spare today, how can I use those two minutes to move myself at least one thought closer to my goal?”

That, my dear friends, is the strategy I used and continue to use to move my goal forward.

  • Overcoming life’s problems is an instrumental part of the business startup process.

  • To accomplish your goal, you will need to learn how to push through and move your goal forward with steadfastness and tenacity.

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