People Fail in Life Because They Get Stuck and Stay Stuck

People fail in life because they hit a block which freezes their actions.  Don't stay blocked. Time to break free.


Often In Life, We Meet Blocks.


Oftentimes people fail in life because some block comes along and stops them from reaching their desired goal. Blocks pop up - they are a reality of life.

  • And it doesn't matter what you are trying to accomplish - it could be that you want a new job, a new partner or perhaps you want a whole new life entirely - blocks just seem to get in the way.
  • It's because of blocks that many people get stuck - they allow blocks to stand in their way because it seems easier to accept the block rather than to fight against it.


What Are The Blocks?


These blocks in our life could be fear, criticism or perhaps even self doubt.  The only way you are going to get out of the rut that you have found yourself in is if you realize exactly what it is that is stopping you. Are you:

  • Scared of what success would bring?
  • Worried that you will not be good enough?
  • Scared that the change will not be what you hoped it would be?
  • Afraid that if you make the wrong choices you could lose everything?
  • Feeling stuck-in-a-rut because you just haven't found the right career fit?


So...You've Got To Ask Yourself...Are There Circumstances in Your Life That Will Require Change?


The problem with change is that it is so uncertain and you cannot guarantee what will happen.

  • It is the fear of the unknown that stops most of us from achieving what we want to achieve and for going for things that would help us achieve our life goals.
  • Is there one small change that you can make in your life to get one step closer to your goal?


Time to Sort Through Your Blocks


People fail in life because they hit a block
which freezes their actions. Don't stay 
blocked. Time to break free.

Time to sort through whatever it is that seems to stand in your way-and give your life goals a try.

However as scary as it is, you really need to find a way to get over these blocks and to start living the life that you deserve to be living.


By Identifying Your Blocks You Can Then Come Up With Solutions On How To Overcome them.


People fail in life because they ignore the blocks in their and they keep living an unfulfilled life.  To overcome any life blocks, you need to assess the risks to you and your family and the potentially positives which would come out of it.


My Letter To You


I thought about what I would want to write to you if you were to die BEFORE being able to live out your true life's purpose.  And, the letter that appears below is the letter that expresses the thoughts that I would want to express to her at her funeral.


What Should You Do To Regain Control?


People fail in life because they hit a block
which freezes their actions. Don't stay 
blocked. Time to break free.

Life is about taking risks and often when you say you cannot do something you won’t because you are looking at it all wrong. You need to do it anyway unless the risk is a very big one!

  • People fail in life because they allow their fears to stand in their way.
  • It is only through facing our fears that we can really make a difference to our lives.


Overall Many Things Will Block Our Way In Life...But It Is Possible To Overcome Them.


You only have one life. Live the life you deserve.


  • Concentrate on your current life - what obstacles stand in the way of your progress?
  • Make a list of the obstacles that seem to stand in your way, then ask yourself what action step can you implement right now, to begin to move through that block.
  • Then think through all of the steps that will be involved in making your action a reality.
  • Ask yourself to find at least one thing that you can do to overcome your problems and then focus intensely on what it would mean to your life if you take that first action step.


What’s the Harm In At Least Trying?


Taking that first step will enable you to begin to break through your obstacles and lead you towards accomplishing your life's dreams. So...spend time this week focusing on the one thing:

  • What is the one thing that you can you can change or try?
  • What is the one thing that could do that will get you at least one step further in the pursuit of your dreams.


No Matter What Is Standing In Your Way You Can Find A Way To Move Forward.


Give your dreams an outlet. Take the first step in at least trying to live a more fulfilled life.


Here's To Living Life Like You Mean It!


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We Want To Hear Your Opinion About Why Some People Fail In Life.

Join in the failure-success could change how you view your own life path and circumstances.  Why is it that some people fail in life?


We Want To Hear Your Opinion About Why Some People Fail In Life.

Join in the failure-success could change how you view your own life path and circumstances.

Why is it that some people fail in life?

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