Failure And Success Are Heavily Influenced By Your Attitude

<i>" title=""Failure and success are like the Sign-Curve they come and go as the time passes, your attitude will make you happy during your life."" width="314" height="235">

"Failure and success are like the Sign-Curve they come and go as the time passes, your attitude will make you happy during your life."

When I pause to think about failure, I have to consider this basic question: "What is attitude?"...and "What impact does attitude have on whether a person succeeds or fail in life?"

So, let's tackle the first question: "What is attitude?"

For me, the definition of attitude means how you act, feel, or look at a given situation.

Now, let's look at the impact attitude has on failure an success.

When you consider the definition of attitude, notice that the components of attitude - how you act, feel or look at a situation - influence outlook.

Therefore, it is basically your attitude - or the outlook towards any task that you undertake - that makes you successful or unsuccessful.

As the Bhagavad Gita says, "No work is small or big,"

Thus, if we perform our duties with full honesty, chances of failure are less likely.

Perception of what success actually is also exerts significant influence on whether you will actually fail...or succeed.

Some people consider earning more money in life is success.

Some consider earning fame is success.

For people like me, however, success may be earning less, working for your country, and helping someone needy at the right time.

As, you can see, the parameters that define success for one man may be entirely different from the parameters that define success for another.

But here are three truths that we all have to face - regardless or our own personal definition of success or failure.

  1. We are only a visitor of this wonderful planet called Earth.

  2. Everything in this world is temporary.

  3. Nothing is permanent - not success, not failure, not even your present condition.

So stop worrying about failures , start working for success.

What is today may not be tomorrow.

So, when you start worrying about failure (or success) take time to consider your response to "What is my attitude about this situation?"

Pausing to reflect on the definition of attitude and know just what your attitude actually is, will help you to recognize upfront that failure and success are like the sign curve they come and go as the time passes.

But your attitude about that particular success (or failure) is what will determine your happiness throughout the duration of your life.

So my dear stop worrying and start working.

  1. Avoid failure by being consistent and honorable to your task.

  2. Consider nothing to be too big or to small,

  3. Then set your task, focus on it , and start working with full energy.

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