Accomplishing Your Life's Dreams
Is Within Your Reach.

I understand your struggle. You're stuck in a rut and need a way out. Be encouraged. For all is not lost --accomplishing your life's dreams is within your reach.

Accomplishing life's dreams just hasn't turned out the way you'd planned.

You feel tied up, tossed about and entangled into a life for which there seems no escape.

You work day after day, only to end up feeling like you're having to fight this emblazoning and seemingly endless battle of feeling stuck in a rut. the midst of all of this you feel like no one really understands your full story and the significance about what it is that your life needs to accomplish.

They don't fully grasp that your life was set aside to do something great..

For you, accomplishing life's dreams means somehow breaking through those shackles that have you feeling tied down.

Accomplishing life's dreams also means that you must find a way to put your life dreams into words and start on the path that will move you toward making them real.

  • This is not the life you imagined for yourself.

  • Often you ask yourself, "How in the world did I end up this intersection in life

And it's not like you've taken accomplishing life's dreams lightly.

  • You've made some steps along the way.

  • But somehow, ended up here...

  • You look around you and seem to be caught into a surreal and very stilled and stuck existence.

The life you are living right now just isn't supposed to happen like this.

It's like all of a sudden, you look up and you wonder where the time went.

  • What happened to steer you off-course and prevented you from accomplishing life's dreams?

  • Its like all of those years have rolled themselves into a big ol ball of struggle, frustration, and a seemingly endless laundry list of things that just didn't turn out...right.

You know that your life has been called to do something more than what you are doing right now.

You were made do something great.

You were made to leave a bigger contribution on this Earth than what you are doing right now.

  • That's why it hurts so bad.

  • That's why you feel so bogged down with those piercing shards of pain that penetrate into your chest, causing it to be heavy and hard-feeling

You look up from those life shackles and you wonder what it is that you can do to cut those handcuffs away from your hands.

Life has got you tied up, hung up, tangled up and feeling quite the mess.

Some days it feels like it will soon suffocate you if you don't do something about it.

And you know that your day of life redirection is coming...and coming very soon.

  • That day that you will have to stand up and snatch yourself away from all of those things that are holding you down.

  • That day that you stand firm and make a deliberate and lionized decision that all of those roadblocks will not stand in the way of you accomplishing your life's dreams.

You feel it stirring in your soul.

  • Your day of freedom is coming.

  • Your day of saying, "yes," to accomplishing your life's goals is drawing near.

  • Because one day soon, you're going to muster up your strength, gird your loins, and walk into the life that you know God has awaiting you.

You've come to realize that it is time that you step deliberately and purposely into making accomplishing your life's dreams a reality:

Life is more than get up, go to work , come home beat and torn, go to bed...

  • Only get up and repeat the cycle again and again and again...

  • …Until it beats so much out of you that you lose hope,

  • And you give up even trying to find that space in life that will perfectly suit you and the purpose God gave you.

You are ready.

Accomplishing your life's dreams has to happen.

  • You're ready to stop sitting on what it is that God given you to do.

  • For you know, and I know, that our God can't fail

So here's what you need to do to make accomplishing your life's dreams a reality:

  • Reach up. And Grab on to Christ's plans and intentions for your life.

  • Reach out. And grab a hold of His hand.

  • Reach within. And give yourself the space and permission to be that which God has made you to be.

  • Reach through those trials and tribulations and those cycles of destructive living.

  • Reach over those hindrances that lie at your feet.

  • Reach down and release those shackles from your ankles.

  • Reach over and hold the hand of those who will stand with you to declare that your life was made to do more.

  • Reach beyond your past and present and caress your future...the one that connects who you were meant to be with who you are right now.

  • Reach out and grab that strength and might that God so willingly gives. Use it to push your purposed vision of life into existence.
  • Grab a-hold of His promises, His strength, His direction, His way out, His way through, His way over, and...His complete and Earth-shattering understanding of who you are right now and who you are to become.
  • Hold on to Him for dear life...hold on as if your life depended on Him. It does....

Your life...that life that you know is out there for you to take, and make , and mold and hold.

  • It's right there.

  • Waiting on your first step.

  • Waiting on you to muster enough strength, brawn, and fortitude to make it happen like you know it needs to happen.

Accomplishing, your life's dreams can happen.

And…accomplishing your life's dreams will long as you take a strategic stance in life and decide that you will not let your reality prevent you from claiming what you know is yours.

In today's world there are all kinds of ways to step into your dreams.

Start by asking yourself what small, one thing that you can do to make accomplishing your life's dreams your reality.

Be Encouraged.