Discover a Career Fit Survey Or
Assessment To Find That Career That Fits.

Find the right career fit survey or assessment exercise that will help you pinpoint the specifics of  your ideal career.

You are cut from a different cloth. Your current career search makes
you feel like you are trying to fit your round peg into a square
slot. Don't in on the way. A career fit survey or
assessment might be just what the doctor ordered.

Sometimes you just want to scream: "Eeeck, How do I find a career that fits me?"

That career you're in right now just doesn't fit the bill anymore and it's time to make a change.

You are desperately searching for some kind of career fit survey, assessment, or exercise that will help you to find a new career or business opportunity that will make better sense for you.

Finding an new career option has been challenging.

Though you've looked high and low, you aren't uncovering many good ideas or any career fit surveys, exercises, or assessments that have helped you to figure out what you should be doing.

This makes you wonder if finding a new career option is a hopeless cause.

It makes no sense to change careers unless you can find one with your name on it.

For you, finding the right business or career fit is much like trying to put on a shoe and the shoe doesn't fit.

And, you know what they say: "if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it. "

So what are you supposed to do, what are the steps involved in finding a career fit survey, assessment, or exercise that will help you find a career option that's right for you?

  • First, recognize that looking at job that are posted online or in the paper may not yield any strategic results for you.

  • Second, recognize that you might be better suited to engage in a career or business search that will match to your life's purpose. Thus you will need spend time:

    • Assessing what it is that you want you want to use your life to accomplish.

    • Gathering all the pieces of who you are and put them together to see what they look like as a whole.

    • Searching for that career or business that will allow you to integrate all of you into career or business that will take your integrated whole into account.

    • Third, recognize that you may need to try a number of career fit exercises to figure out how to pinpoint the ideal career or business for you.

      • Below, you will find few suggestions that might lead you to the right business or career.

        • The key is to find the right career fit survey or assessment exercise that will help you pinpoint the specifics of your ideal career or business in exact terms.

        • The more details and specifics your career fit survey and assessments yield, the better your chances are of finding the right business or career for you.

      • The Create-a-Title Exercise

        Perhaps you could write your own job description or business description that would describe, in great detail, all of those things that would allow you to bring all of yourself into a career of choice.


        It has all sorts of accredited career tests that you can take online to help you pinpoint a career or business option that might be right for you.

      • Write-An-Article-About-Your-Future Self-Exercise.

        Another useful option is think about what contributions you want to make while you are in new career or business.

        For example, if you were to step into the career or business of your dreams, and someone wrote an article about your contributions, what would the article say?

      • Write-A-Personal-Mission Statement.

        A fourth option is to try to create a description of your what you want to use your life to do by crafting your own personal mission statement.

The Career Fit Survey and Assessment Bottom-Line.

It really doesn't matter which career fit survey, or assessment option you choose, just as long as you find that career or business that will allow you to bring all of you to the table.

Because you have so much to offer the world, you will need to find a somewhat non-traditional means to channel your uniquely blended passion and skill base into a career or business that will work for you.

Wishing you great success in finding a career fit survey or assessment that will fit your life, passion, and expertise.

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, your business strategy and motivational coach.

A Career Fit Survey or Assessment May Help You Find New Career Option. Read More Below to Find More Options to Creating a Life that Works For You.


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