What is the Secret to Life?

Although you knew that life wasn’t supposed to be made entirely
honey-n-roses…it seems that something is missing from your life.

What is the secret to life?

You’re really stumped on this one.

  • You’ve gone through life following the rules.
  • You’ve gone through school, worked a few jobs,
  • But…..It seems like life has been a constant struggle.

What is the secret to life?

Is it to strive the make millions and live in-luxe in the purple velvet mansion atop the hills?

What is the secret to life?

Is it to feed ourselves into the 9 to 5 rat race, rushing day in and day out to find a way to make our ends meet, only to be met with not having enough money to make it to the month’s emd?

What is the secret to life?

Is it to stuff ourselves with as much knowledge and self awareness as possible – to keep cramming and cramming it in, without pushing it out to benefit our communities and the world at large?

What is the secret to life?

Is it to stay caught up in the get-more-need-more syndrome of American life. Working to get more, working to need more?

The secret to life is tied into neither of these.

The secret to life is tied into how you use all of you – your passion, your expertise, and your skillset – to impact the world.

The secret to life is tied to you choosing to allow your inner-spark to be sharpened and enriched so that it can be released into the world for God’s glory.

The secret to life is tied to you taking the time to value who you are. To stand up to those naysayers and loudly proclaim:

“This is who I am, this is what I come to do, and this is how I will leave my impact…whether you understand it or not….whether you like it or not.”

So…what is the secret to life?

The secret to life is tied to you taking the time to discover the real you and let her stand boldy. The secret of life is tied to:

  • boldly stepping into your purpose,

  • pushing through your blocks,

  • releasing your spark, your purpose, and your voice...

  • all while using everything that is within you to impact the lives you were specially crafted to impact.

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