Praying To Overcome Invisible Entry Barriers = Fresh Spark For Your Dreams...

Take Your Dreams OffHold – Praying to Overcome Invisible Entry Barriers

Praying to overcome invisible entry barriers will awaken
your heart and set free your dreams.

It seems like all of your efforts to move your life forward are met with false starts and false hope.  

It is time that you begin praying that you overcome those invisible entry barriers that seem to be holding you back.

  • When praying to overcome invisible entry barriers, you must remember that you were crafted for a purpose.  And God whispered that purpose into your heart.
  • When praying to overcome invisible entry barriers, use your relationship with God to take those dreams off hold.

Time to Take My Dreams OffHold

I tire of my dreams on hold ….

Maybe-Next-Week met Maybe-Next-Month.
And…eventually…next year and next decade merged.

They all merged into….never.

I have lost sight of my dreams altogether.

I have lost sight of what I wanted out of life
…while I patiently waited.

Waited for this. Waited for that.

Maybe next month. Maybe next year.

Maybe n-e-v-e-[stop]


I must take my dreams Offhold.

I must never forget to Dream Outloud.

I Dare You. Dream with me.

Hope for the future. Hope for now.

Don’t give up,
Don’t give in,
Don’t give out.

Just KEEP on dreamin’.

KEEP on.

Your Dream Pledge To You:

I place my dreams onhold for no one or nothing.

I pledge to LIVE each day, each week, and each moment…
For, one day, this too shall end.

And my dreams, my beloved dreams of what could be,
what is waiting for me, they….must…..B-R-E-A-T-E.

I pledge to give my dreams a breath of fresh spark .

To keep them near and dear.

To write them down…to make them come alive.

I MUST… I MUST make my dreams come true… because if I do not…

Then each day….each week….each moment…I die.

I die.
I die.


I MUST stop living and breathing life into OTHER’S expectations of me.

I must push past all of the naysayers with a smile, a will,
and God’s whispers to my soul.

For, they must understand, God created me for a purpose,
and THIS is my season.

To breath, to spark. It is here, right now….

Thank you LORD. Thank you GOD.

I pledge to allow the dream you placed inside of me to live –
vivaciously, vibrantly, and exceedingly.

Thank you Lord ,

Signed: Me [the real me]


Now I can face those invisible barriers with peace and confidence.  When praying to overcome invisible entry barriers, I will remember to lean on God for strength, guidance, and wisdom.

”Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Ephesians 3:20.

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