The Top Crucial Factors To Consider When Living Your Noble Purpose.

Living Your Noble Purpose Is Your Gift To The World

Living Your Noble Purpose Is Your Gift To The World

1. Be Openly Curious.

The entire blueprint for living your noble purpose rarely pops out in front of you at once.

Keep a small notebook or journal handy to jot down those daily small occurrences that cause you to pause and think about life issues a little more deeply.

As you make note of these daily clues , you will see a pattern emerge that will:

• give you a truer understanding of your life purpose, and

• reveal small steps you can make to realistically begin living your noble purpose.

2. Be Realistic.

Your life has constraints – you have family obligations, financial obligations, and a host of other life factors that demand your attention.

Focus on what you can do, given your current life context, to begin living your noble purpose.

• Take a realistic assessment of where your life is right now and where your life is headed.

• Use this assessment to determine the short-terms steps you can make right now to move toward your ultimate goal.

• You have to be realistic about what you can do, as well as what you cannot do.

3. Be Strategic.

Living your noble purpose requires the ability to keep moving forward despite many obstacles you may face.

Keep asking yourself – over and over again - “ what would I do, if I knew I could not fail?

Take an assessment of the big picture by focusing on what it is that you want to be said about you and how you used your life to leave your impact.

Picture the elderly-aged version of yourself. If you could interview this person about how your life was lived, what would you want them to say?

Consider those last thoughts captured during your last breath – would there be any regrets that may enter your mind at that time about the opportunities you passed over?

What is it that you want to be said about you - and the impact you left the world - when you are gone?

4. Be Creative.

Collect your answers. To make your dreams come true you take your historical recorded life story into consideration.

• Find a strategic way to begin living your life from a historical perspective right now.

• Challenge yourself to find ways to organize your daily existence to move at least one step closer toward living your noble purpose.

5. Be A Forward-Thinker.

Pay close attention to those trends that can impact your vision. You have to be willing to examine external trends and understand what’s going on around you in your community, your country and beyond.

6. Be Deliberate.

You must make the choices that will allow you to hold tight your dream and make living your life purpose a reality.

The term “ Living” in “ Living Your Noble Purpose is a verb. Living your noble purpose will not happen without at least a little action applied to it.

• First, you must imagine.

• Then, you must plan.

• Then, you must act.

7. Be Deeply Rooted.

Living your noble purpose requires that you are deeply rooted in knowing that there’s this thing that you were made to do – that there’s something great you are supposed to contribute to the world.

• Give the Deeply Rooted version of you a chance, a voice, and a choice to live out your true life purpose.

• Understand that who you are matters. What you are trying to do is valued.

• You must be rooted to your true self - letting nothing or no one strip away your self-value.

8. Be Willing to Give Yourself The Chance.

Initially, no one else will be able to make this thing happen for you.

You have to be willing to do the work to get acquainted with who you really are and what you would say if you could just push through all of the roadblocks that stand in your way.

No one else can know what it’s really like to walk into your shoes, because they have spent their lifetime walking in their life path.

No one else can tell you who you really are. You true self is in there somewhere - I promise.

9. Be Patient.

You were specially crafted to be uniquely you. Don’t hide it. And don’t exert a lot nervous pressure on it - patiently step into your magic.

• There is no one on this Earth that possesses that exact same dose of magic you have. Acknowledge it, and give it a chance to shine.

• Understand that God doesn’t make junk. When He made you, He made you for a purpose.

10. Be Authentically You.

Your true self is in there, pining to be released and set free.

In living your noble purpose, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by other’s opinions of you.

Remember, you and God are the only ones who can fully grasp the quality and breadth that you bring to life.

• You are who you are regardless of life circumstances.

• You are who you are regardless of your past or even the present.

• You are who you are because that’s who you were made to be.

11. Be Willing To Give Yourself The Chance.

Living your noble purpose can become your reality. Give yourself a chance - you’ll be surprised at what you can use your life to accomplish.

• You were made with value, and it’s time that you let your authentic self be let free .

• And if, by chance, you’ve lost sight of who you are along the way - challenge the Real You to stand up and be heard.

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