How To Move Forward And Push Through Barriers To Personal Growth And Development

Push through your barriers to personal growth and development by focusing intently on what you CAN do.

How do you overcome the barriers to personal growth and development, especially when obstacles seem to constantly penetrate your plan?

Sometimes you just have to muster all the strength that's within your heart, your soul, and deep down in the marrow of your bone….and just push your business into existence.

During the course of your life and business, you WILL encounter many obstacles.

That's a fact.

  • The quicker you are in designing your business efforts to work alongside this fact.

  • The quicker you will find that a way to push through those obstacles and blocks that seem to stand stubbornly in your way.

You know, I met a man the other day who had to overcome his barriers and look inward towards personal growth and development .

His story may make you amazed, put you in a daze and set your heart ablaze.

In that one bleak moment, his life was transformed…forever.

One minute he was in the prime of his life...and the next he was had to fight to live.

Slam! Bam! Bang!

In a twinkle of an eye - he was forced to fight for his life...literally.

He was in a terrible accident that nearly took his life. In fact, he nearly died three times in one year. But he didn't.

And through his trials, he had to learn how to fight through his barriers and follow a personal growth and development path.

He fought through his circumstances and all his happenstances.

  • First, he fought to breathe.

  • Then, he fought to walk.

  • Then, he had to fight for his right to fulfill his dreams.

  • He had to fight for his right to make a living and live with honor


He couldn't reverse his misfortune. He couldn't turn back the hands of time.

But what he has chose to do is embrace his reality and push through his barriers toward personal growth and development.

He knew that he had to create a life and a business that

  • he could be passionate about,

  • could actually earn him money, and

  • could fit into the reality of his wheelchair-bound life.

He embraced his reality and created a plan of action.

  • He evaluated his strengths,

  • He factored in his limitations, and

  • He went for it…he started his own business.

  • He found a stay-at-home business that he could start that fit his passion, his skill-set...and his reality.

Now, it's your turn.

Time for you to push through your barriers to personal growth and development, and muster all your strength, talent, and expertise...

And repeat after me.

"I will embrace my reality, and muster the strength to ask myself, 'how can I dream about and create a business that fits my passion and can actually work in the midst of my reality?'"

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