Hold On To Your Dream By Building A
Business Known For Helping
Others and Making a Difference.

Build a Business Known For Helping Others and Making a Difference.

During those times when you feel like walking away...hold on
to your hope. Reflect on the impact your business will make
on helping others and making a difference.

Getting through BLAH...And Pushing Your Business Forward.

There will be those days, when you just feel “blah”, bland, and totally un-focused....During these times, you may feel

  • that your dream is not all that’s it’s cracked up to be,

  • that you are wasting your time,

  • that you have no clue of where to focus your energy

And it’s during those moments that you will need to channel every siloed-grain of your energy on your mission statement.

You know the one – that tantalizing description of your call to the world – that thing that has been whispering to your soul for years to come.

  • Grab a hold of that, read it, draw pictures about.

  • Get close enough to it to get it’s imprint from your soul.

  • Hold on to it as if your life depended on it.

  • It does.

Your peace is only achieved through living out your purpose , and releasing your magic into the world.

Use those times of dismay to reflect on how what you are doing is helping others and making a difference in their lives.

There is nothing more richly, tantalizing as the sweet drip of cool peace that will come over your soul.

Keep taking steps toward making your dream of releasing your magic into the world a reality.

  1. You have to own it,

  2. You have to crave it, and

  3. You have to pursue your dream like someone was ready to snatch it from your soul...Someone is.

Your dream of what is possible is holding on to you for dear life.

Your dream of what is possible, of what is to come, has to stay fresh, and clean,

  • it has to cling to your heart, your mind, and your soul,

  • it has to quicken your imagination.

Don’t let go your dream.

During those moments when it seems so easy to throw your hands up and walk away,

  1. Challenge yourself to remain steadfast by focusing on the impact that your business will have in helping others and making a difference.

  2. Hold tight your dream.

    • Don’t let it go.

    • Let it live.

    • Let it breathe.

    • Let it be free.

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, Your Encourager, Your Admirer and Your Motivational Strategist

Time To Build You A That Business Known For Helping Others and Making a Difference.


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