The One Key To New Business Success You Must Never Forget

Sometimes the keys of success for new business can be found by replacing your feelings of being overwhelmed with a healthy dose of humor and sanity.

The keys success for new business can be found by replacing your feelings of being overwhelmed with a healthy dose of humor and sanity.

The Keys to Success For Your New Business Can Be Found By Maintaining Your Sense of Sanity

    You will have days when you will feel like throwing your hands up and walking away.    During the business startup phase, you may face many obstacles.

    It is during those moments when you will need to give yourself a healthy dose of sanity.

    The keys to success for your new business can be found by maintaining a sense of sanity.


Have you ever had a moment where all you wanted was just a little Sanity?

    It’s like you’ve caught a whiff of life that is taking you in all-kinds of directions.

    They have stretched and prodded and twisted you into a million pieces…and all you want to do is steal away and catch a little peace and quiet for yourself.

    And during all of this chaotic-whirl you gotta be the one to hold their world together.

    You’re the one who noticed that little split in the seam of life – and it’s expected that you are armed and ready – with safety pin in hand - to make it all better.

The Keys To Success For Your New Business Is The Realize The Importance Of Sometimes Taking A Break To Rejuvenate

    It is during these moments of insanity that you have to reach within yourself and take a little break.  

    Fly away and allow you to peer inside of a gentle breeze created just to make you smile.

    Steal away and find yourself lost in a moment , swaying to the beat of that back-in-the-day hit that makes you smile – every time.

Here's What I Do When I'm Feeling Overwhelmed And Need A Motivational Pick-Me-Up

    I take a moment and use the power of my imagination to imagine what it wold feel like if I could just float away.

    I wish I could just float away and land in that place where they are feeding me grapes and massaging my neck and taking my mind through depths of understanding that is yet to be revealed to me .

    I wish I could just set sail and end up in a land that so enriches my mind and soul that when I escape I find myself staring at this thing called life in the face – and daring it to hit me with it’s best shot.

    I wish I could soak up as much of that fine soft-water bath-time as I could and breathe in the oh-so-sweet moment of freshness brought to me by one of the greatest candles ever made .

    I wish I could bask in a pin-striped sunlit-scape and belch out one of those hearty laughs that hits us every now and then.

    You know the one that wrings out all of those stress-points, and leave you feeling so exhilarated and ready that you can’t help to but return to life with a little more gusto.

    I wish I could feel the wind caress my curly locks of hair and whisper a little John Coltrane in my ear

    I wish I could be whisked to one of those unbelievably melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your hand dinners that tittalate every sense in my body.

    And then, and only then, I could reacquaint myself with Little ole Ms. Sanity and chat with her into the midnight hour about the inner-most details of my journey through bliss.

    Honey, we would laugh late into the midnight hour and chuckle through all of the life lessons we’ve learned along the way.

The Keys To Success For Your New Business Is To Maintain Your Sense Of Sanity

At some point during your business start-up phase, you will become overwhelmed.

The keys for your success is tied to your ability to maintain a sense of balance, a sense of humor and a sense of sanity along the way.

The keys to success for your new business is to realize that it’s only during those times of heated duress that we can sink back into ourselves and carve out a little piece of sanity that we can savor while we navigate this thing called life.

May the peace of life embrace you…Your encourager, Latarsha

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