11 Top Cleaning Business
Startup Niches

Looking to start your own cleaning business? Uncover the 11 hottest
cleaning business startup ideas for today's economy.

A Cleaning Business Startup Is One Of The Easiest - And Most Competitive - Type Of Business To Start

Cleaning is a very competitive business and difficult to start when you look like every other service-oriented business.Finding your special niche as a specialty company can help you start a cleaning business that can excel from day one.

Below are 11 cleaning business startup small business ideas that can get you wondering how many other areas are out there that need addressed?


1. Air Duct And Vent Cleaning


Start a cleaning business of dust and dirt that settles in vents and travel between your furnace and ducts.  When your heat or air conditioning turns on, these particles are forced into your rooms, causing the spread of allergens and virus causing contaminants to flow freely around your home.

  • Ducts should be cleaned once a year to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Suction is the best method for removing unwanted particles. Long hoses and rubber attachments are also needed for getting along the sides of the long vents.
  • Finish by blowing the loosened dust out and catching in specialized filters.


2. Cleaning Foreclosure Homes


The economy today has made the perfect climate to start a cleaning business that specializes in foreclosure homes. Financial institutions do not want the bother of cleaning a home that they have received but need to sell as quickly as possible.

  • Heavy cleaning of floors, windows, walls and some maintenance will be required in order to take on these jobs.
  • A commercial quality vacuum with disposable bags and commercial cleaning products are a must for this type of job.
  • Small business ideas where guaranteed money comes from a trust fund can be a gold mine.


3. Dryer Vent Cleaning


The benefits of promoting safety can be a favorable idea when you start a cleaning business. Countless fires and burned wiring are caused each year from clothes dryers that over heat.

A simple vacuuming fuzz and washing lint traps is all that it takes to keep clothes driers functioning properly. Although dryer vent cleaning is something that homeowners can perform themselves without any special tools, selling a schedule of maintenance appeals to many that forget such insignificant tasks until it is too late.


4. Small Business Ideas Of Graffiti And Building Cleaning


  • Merchants want their establishments to appear neat and clean but when kids come along and deface the exterior walls, it can ruin an owner's day.
  • No one wants to start a cleaning business just to erase the unsightly mess but they will hire the work to be done.
  • A pressure washer cleaning startup business will give you the ability to help store owners keep their stores looking spick and span. Pressure washer cleaning helps store owners combat both dirt and graffiti. A pressure washer is also necessary to remove the powerful reaction and wash away.

If You Start A Cleaning Business That Removes Graffiti, Be Sure That You Are Up To The Job.


The chemicals and water will damage any existing paint on concrete or wood. Your clients need to be aware of this. Perhaps painting can be added to your small business ideas.


5. Start A Cleaning Business With Green Cleaning


Green is on everyone's mind today and being able to advertise that you created > your small business ideas in cleaning with totally green products.

  • Almost every cleansing product can be found today without harmful chemicals but the cost will be slightly higher.
  • This will need to be figured into your expenses when you start a cleaning business.


6. Cemetery Headstone Cleaning


There is great promise in this type of cleaning startup business. Over time, tomb stones will age, chip and crack.

Loved ones will do whatever they can to keep the tombstone in tip-top shape, by trimming around a tombstone and laying fresh flowers, but weather and time can discolor and cause a headstone to show wear. Which is where your business will can come in. You can offer to keep the headstone of their loved ones polished and chip-free.

In order to start a cleaning business of headstone cleaning, you will have to do your homework.  Find out what needs to be done without cracking or chipping off and know when a headstone is too far-gone for cleaning.


7. Mattress Cleaning For Health


Some home owners are paying closer attention to mattress wear and tear - leaving the door wide open for entrepreneurs to start a mattress-focused cleaning business.

  • Though this business is not as popular as many of the other cleaning startup businesses, it can be coupled with other cleaning business ideas and help you carve a niche.
  • For instance, mattress cleaning can be a specialized offering for someone starting a specialized 'green' cleaning business.
  • Also mattress cleaning may make sense for air duct business owners whose specialty involves helping homeowners create a germ-free home.

If you find that mattress cleaning is the best cleaning startup business for you, be ready to invest in vacuums and air filters that can remove the amount of viruses that you wish to advertise in removing. Some particles require special equipment to totally eliminate.


8. Parking Lot Cleaning For Employee Safety


Many businesses are located along busy streets where debris and trash end up in their parking lots, which is why a cleaning business startup idea that specializes in parking lots makes sense.

Start a cleaning business where you contract to keep a lot looking fresh on a regular basis.

  • Return business will be guaranteed with small business ideas such as this.
  • Large brooms and trash containers on wheels should be all that you need unless you get into grease or snow removal.


9. Steam Cleaning Is Becoming Popular


  • Cleaning business startup ideas that use no expensive equipment are a great way to start a cleaning business.  The more money that you can save in supplies and equipment, the more money you can make!
  • Investing in steam cleaning machines is an initial investment but you can recoup your investment back in no time. Steam cleaning can remove almost any type of dirt from many different surfaces without harm.


10. Trash Can Cleaning Is More Important Than You Think


Nasty trash cans can become a breeding ground for germs, mold and mildew. In airtight offices, the purpose of clean air is defeated with this type of contamination. Trash can cleaning, is also a specialized cleaning business startup service that can be combined with other small business ideas.

Offering a trash can cleaning service can keep you busy every night of the week with just a few disinfecting products. Start a cleaning business with employee safety in mind and see how fast your clientele grows.


11. Start A Cleaning Business With Window Cleaning


Window cleaning is a cleaning business startup that many entrepreneurs overlook.

  • It's an opportunity that you can definitely tweak to work for you and your community.
  • You can choose to specialize in or you could simply approach both residential customers, store fronts, and real-estate professionals with your offering to keep their window spick and span.
  • If you choose this cleaning business startup idea, make sure you learn the ropes of starting a window cleaning business.  Cleaning a window so that it shines pristinely is both an art and a science.


Here's To Your Success With Finding The Right Cleaning Business Startup Idea For You!

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