Looking To Get More Website Traffic? Here's Why You Should Concentrate Effort On Writing Content That Gets You Noticed

by A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Kinda Guy

So, How IS It That You Can Increase Traffic To Your Web Site In The Competitive Land Of Websites And Blogs On Every Corner?

It seems that these days, everyone and their mother wants to start a website to start raking in that endless advertising revenue that seems to be thrown at facebook pages, blogspot blogs, youtube channels, and more.

And while it may be easy to come up with a topic for a website, and still not be very challenging to start producing content for it, the real tricky part is getting known.

Directing traffic to your site can seem almost impossible at times, and when you get really desperate you may even contemplate buying ad spots on bigger websites just so you can leech off of some of their traffic.

Well let me tell you, it may get frustrating, but it's not impossible.

Hint: If You Want To Create A Web Site That Gets Noticed, Then Focused On Writing Content That Will Get You Noticed

There are many ways to increase traffic to your site until you've got a steady flow of viewers, and a healthy influx of advertising revenue.

I've had my website for approximately 5 years, and though I didn't originally intend for it to ever be viewed by more than a handful of my friends and some fellow forum users, it's grown incredibly big in the past 3 years.

I started my website to serve as an archive for the various doodles and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure comics that I like to draw in my spare time to entertain myself and my friends, and during the weaving of a particularly long tale I ended up hitting the metaphorical billion, in terms of traffic.

Before Staring My Website, I Didn't Care (Or Even Try) To Increase Traffic To My Web Site

Before I made the website, I hardly cared about traffic at all, seeing it as an unrealistic expectation, but now that I am where I am today, I realize it's not such a daunting feat to acquire viewers.

It's hard giving advice, sometimes, because I initially wasn't going out of my way to find traffic, and traffic inevitably found me, but I can still advise some methods.

So, What's My Top Piece Of Advice About Creating A Business Website That Will Get Noticed?

Be creative. no matter what you do, there's got to be a reason- a hook, a draw, a gimmick, a tease, anything- for viewers to visit your site over other, similar sites.

Preferably, that reason should be because there ARE no similar sites. What you offer is so unique that there's simply nothing to compare it to.

Whatever You Do, Concentrate On Understanding Your Audience And Writing Content That Gets You Noticed

Once you've got creativity down, you need to really focus hard on content. Create, Create, Create.

Internet users rabidly crave information in enormous amounts at impossibly high speeds, and if your website only updates with one article or comic or video every week, you're quickly going to be left in the dust.

  • If you can pump out updates every day-- or preferably multiple times a day-- you'll not only hook the viewers you've caught, but often interest more and more viewers by being the site that updates all the time.

  • And trust me, that's actually a great reputation to have.

Whatever You Do, Stay Committed To Building THAT Website That WILL Get Noticed A Particular Niche Of People That Will LOVE What You Bring To The Table

So it may seem like a real challenge, and at times it'll look downright impossible, but you just need to have the right mix of commitment, creativity, perseverance, patience, and luck.

And who knows, maybe one day YOU can be the one writing articles just like this and encouraging other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

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