You've Got Me Sold - I'll Keep Coming Back - Here's What Others Need To Know About How To Create A Website That Gets My Attention

by Jamila

<i>If you are trying to figure out how to make a website, then the following website tips might help you to actually get you a boost in web site traffic.</i>

If you are trying to figure out how to make a website, then the following website tips might help you to actually get you a boost in web site traffic.

To be honest with you, websites don't easily catch my attention.

Most times I am completely turned off by it before the page has fully loaded.

These websites are either really bland and dry (as if they have no life)...or they are screaming at me.

  • And nobody likes to be yelled at!

So, when figuring out how to make a website, remember that appearance matters.

The very basics of a page, such as web page backgrounds and layout can draw a potential customer in or push them out the door.

The web page layout needs to be eye catching without over power the customer.

Color, design, font (color, sizing, placement), video; whatever is on the homepage is extremely important.

  • Remember that colors spark the brain into activity, so with the right combination you've already made a good impression.

Now, to be completely frank with you, my favorite website has it's share of advertisements...but they don't distract me from the information I am trying to find.

So when you are figuring out how to make a website, make sure there are no large distracting ads in the middle of the page (or article I am reading) and there are no popup advertisements.

And here's something I really need to address with you (especially if you are looking for a boost in web site traffic.)

It's those distracting advertisements.

Now...I know it is important to advertise on your page (it is a large source of where your profit will come from)...but make sure to keep them user friendly, don't let them distract from what you're selling.

  • In fact, that's the one thing that the websites I frequent do very well.

  • (And mind you, if I'm looking for a product I'm in the mood to spend money...don't let your advertisers keep you from getting it.)

Another key essential to having a good money-producing website is to have a title or slogan that will really catch peoples attention.

While not skirting around the contents of the upright and forth coming with your potential clients.

If they are at your website then they are looking for something you've got so let them know it.

Oh, and here's another thing to consider when you are thinking about how to make a website...

The sites I frequent are packed with information, but they are also easy to navigate.

Every sub-section and sub-sub-section is accurate - the information that it is supposed to have is clearly marked and easy to find.

When pondering how to make a website, make sure that your website is easy to navigate.

Make sure people are able to navigate your site as easily as possible, and spare them no detail by providing essential information relevant the product they seek.

  • I've been to sites where I select a category and sub-category and type my search...and it either shows no hits or nothing relevant to the product I seek...(but I know the store carries it.)

  • This is a real turn-off and will make me leave the site right away.

The Bottom-Line:

I understand that right now you are looking for information on how to make a website...

And when you finally make your dreams of owning your own website possible, make sure that you design it with your users in mind.

A website that's rich in content, easy to navigate, and designed really well give you a website that will be a sure-fire winner.

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