How To Increase Your Website Traffic And Get The (Right) People To Your Site: 2 Quick Secrets Revealed By A Website Old Timer

by Ron

I've Learned The Hard Way - You Website Won't Go Viral Just Because You Want It To

I've been building and running websites for years.

It started as a hobby really, but shot off from there. I think one of the thing that made my site stand out was targeted traffic.

At first I was under the impression that things magically went viral or products, by some miracle, just took off. Almost like flipping a coin - fate as some might say. It took a lot of disappointment along with trial and error to finally get it right.

The Secret To Getting More Website Traffic - Think "Funnel'

Funneling the right people to your site helps to increase your ROI; return on investment.

Doing this is can be as simple as running a few ads on self-serve networks or buying ads from Google, Facebook, or even Pinterest

Using self-serve ad networks lets you get close and personally with the audience that will, hopefully, be buying your product. You get one-on-one feedback in an instant, and in today's market being able to pivot is king.

But buyer beware: running an ad campaign is part art and part science, and if you don't set it up the right way you will blow through a lot of money.

One Other Secret Is To Write/Advertise For Sites Like Quora or

A great website for dipping your toes in the water is and

With millions of unique monthly views, and relatively cheap advertising($20), it allows you to put eyeballs on your page as well as communicate with potential users - via targeting /subreddits/.

My Biggest Regret: Not Fully Utilizing Targeted Keywords Because I Didn't Fully Understand SEO

My biggest regret is that I didn't learn about SEO and ad networks until later on in my web development career. This is how the pros rake in the big bucks.

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