Nine Factors That Determine
The Best Start-Up Small
Business Idea For You.

The best start-up small business for you is the one that puts a spark in your heart.

When looking for the best small business idea
for you, look for the spark. Find out why fit
is the key component to finding the best
start-up small business idea for you.

Which Business Should You Start?

That's your burning question right now.

In fact, if you could figure this one out, then you know you'd be well on your way to living out your entrepreneurial dreams.

So, put your thinking cap on and prepare your entrepreneurial trip by starting with these seven key steps to finding the best start-up small business that will work for you.

Factor One: Know You.

"To thine ownself be true" rings true for every successful business owner.

Too often people who are searching for a start-up small business idea, start from the outside in.

  • They are on the prowl to find an idea that they can take in their hands and mold into a multi-million dollar venture.

  • So they evaluate various businesses with an eye on whether or not a particular business idea will work for them.

  • They start by flipping through various business books and magazines for THAT business idea that seems to speak to them.

While this is a great step in the business identifying is not THE first step.

The first step in finding the best start-up small business idea for you is to look at who you are and evaluate what it is that you bring to the table.

Factor Two: Know What Inspires You.

When searching for the best start-up small business idea for you, begin by taking a snapshot of what it is that inspires you.

  • Don't shortcut your success by running after a business idea that doesn't inspire you to give all of yourself.

  • Those things that inspire you will help you to gather the strength and fortitude to push your vision forward in spite of the bumpy road ahead.

Factor Three: Know Your Strengths And Your Passions.

Passion is one of the most critical keys to business success.

  • Customers are attracted to those businesses that are fueled by passion.

  • They are naturally drawn into a business that has an authentic passion for serving their needs.

Factor Four: Know What You Don't Want.

What you don't want in a business matters just as much as what you do want.

  • There's nothing as horrid as starting a business that makes you feel tied down and worn out.

  • Factor Five: Know What You Can't Do.

    You must be able to evaluate what it is about you that will hamper your business efforts.

    • Spend time assessing your weaknesses.

    • Then, determine whether any of your weaknesses will stand in the way of your success.

    Factor Six: Know Your Reality.

    Your new business relies on you to bring the energy, effort, and innovativeness needed to make it out of the starting block.

    The best start-up small business idea for you relies on your ability to strategically use your time to whittle your business into a business that can withstand the various bumps and bruises it will encounter over time.

    The Best Start-Up small business for you is the one that fits the current context of your life.

    • Here's a fact that you've got to face before you can successful move your business forward: your current reality has it's own set of constraints and limitations.

    • Thus, your business will have to be design to work in concert with those life constraints and limitations.

    Factor Seven: Know The Story You Want Your Business To Tell.

    Here's what you've got to know about birthing a business.

    Your business will make an impact.

    And that impact will form the basis of your brand story.

    • Thus, you've got to know the story that you want your business to tell before starting it.

    • That way you'll know how to proactively structure your business up front.

    Factor Eight: Know What It Is That You Need Your Business's Legacy To Be.

    When searching for the best start-up small business for you, look for the spark.

    • Evaluate each start-up small business idea up front to determine if it will allow you to leave your mark in history in a manner that is befitting to you.

    Factor Nine: The Best Start-Up Small Business Idea Is The One That Best Fits All Of You.

    You've only got one life.

    • Use it to build a business that will make an impact.

    • Use it to build a business that will leave a signatured mark in the lives the customer's it touches.

    Here's to finding that start-up small business idea that will allow you to release your spark into the world!

    Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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