Take Control Of The Wheel And Drive
Your Business Forward.

Take This Small Start-Up Tip To Heart:
A Business That Drives Itself
Usually Ends In Disaster.

Smashed. Wrecked. Out of Commission.

Learning The Art Of Driving Your Business Eases Your Stress.

When starting your business, take this small start-up tip to heart: learn art of driving your business with authority. Because any business that drives itself, might soon end up wrecked.

  • Yep. That's how the car looked the day I mishandled a lane change and ended up sharing the same lane with an eighteen-wheeler.

  • That was the result of an non-authoritative driver, sitting behind the wheel of a brand new car...letting the car drive her...instead of her driving the car.

    Don't let the same thing happen to your business.

    Take this small start-up tip to heart: drive your business with authority.

    For if you don't you will meet the same devastation I met.

    The Pre-Warnings.

    Take this advice to heart for your new business.

    • This small start-up tip will save your life.

    • In fact, many experienced drivers tried to warn me.

    • They often told me, "To be an effective driver, you have to drive the car. You're in control and you have to be able to react to a variety of situations at a moment's notice."

The Devastation.

  • The life of my brand-new car, like the lives of so many new businesses, was over...in just three short months of it's existence.

  • And, truth be told, any experienced driver knew what was about to happen.

The Reality - I Didn't Take Heed To Their Advice.

As a newly minted driver, I was missing one crucial element that distinguishes the successful driver from the crash-and-burn driver.

  • And that crucial element was understanding that driving required me to have an, "I'm In Control Of This Mentality."

  • The "I'm Driving The Car...The Car Is Not Driving Me" mentality required that I take full control and responsibility for maintaining an awareness of the roadway at all times.

Your Business Needs You To Keep It Going.

  • Whatever you do, don't miss out on this small start-up tip.

  • It can save your life and your business.

Successfully Driving A Car - And A Business - Comes With Responsibility.

Successfully driving a car meant that I had to take whatever measure necessary to ensure that my passengers and I arrived safely to our destination.

  • It requires that I knew how to adjust and tweak my driving to accommodate for seasonal conditions.

  • It requires that I could adjust my driving to accommodate for the occasional speeder or the passing motorcyclist.

  • It requires that I maintain an awareness for a crossing pedestrian or an unexpected child running across the street to follow his bouncing ball.

The NewFound Focus.

The next time I sat in the driver's seat of a car, I took the wheel in my hand, and let the car know, the I was taking full control of it's behavior, it's reaction and it's destination.

Learn from my mistake and the mistake of many other new business owners.

  • Take control. Drive your business forward.

  • Never take this small start-up tip for granted.

The Bottom-Line.

  • When you assumed leadership of your new business, you made a promise to yourself, your businesses, and all of the people impacted by your business.

  • You made a promise to strategically steer your business toward success.

Here's to successfully driving your small business towards success!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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