How Should You Design Your
Web Page To Make Them
Remember You At "Hello"?

how to design web page they will remember"Let your guiding question be, "How should I create a business website
and design my web page to let them know that they have come
to the right place at the right time in their lives.

How Should You Design Your Website To Make Them Remember You At "Hello"?

Let’s face it, you have this burning desire to create a business website and get it up and running. But when you sit down to do it, you really don’t know where to start.

You’ve started to ponder, "How should I create my business website and design my web page to showcase my business in a positive light?"

When You Begin Design A Web Page, It Becomes Necessary To Think Through How You Will Capture Your Reader's Attention

In fact, you may have been wondering how to design your web page to capture their attention?

Below, we give you seven steps to help you to figure out how to design a web page that captures their captures your web visitor's attention.

Step One. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Imagine yourself sitting in your web visitor's shoes. Think through all the steps they had to go through before they arrived at your site.

  1. They have a burning question that they need answered or they have a problem that's causing them a lot of frustration.
  2. They need an answer.

They need a solution.

Step Two. Know The Answer To The Question Below.

So..what do they find on your website?

Step Three. Let Them Know What You Have In Store For Them

When you are trying to figure out how to design your web page and how to create a business website that really turns them on, then you will have to know, up front, which problem your web page exists to solve.

Then you must tell them, up front, which problem you solve. You should either give them:

(a) an implementable solutions to their problem or
(b) an easy-to-understand answer to some of their most pressing questions.

Step Four. Design Your WebSite To Make Them Click-Happy.

Your web visitor landed on your page with a purpose in mind. Make sure you fulfill whatever purpose they may have when they arrive at your site.

Give them a lot of meaty substance, give them so much that they will happily click-n-click-n-click to their heart's delight.

When Thinking Through How You Should Design A Web Page For Your Visitor, Think 'Quality'

Step Five. Give 'Em A Reason To Stay Awhile.

SNAP! They've made it to your’s your chance.

Step Six. Never let them leave your site empty-handed.

Let this guide you when you question, "How do I design my web page? What can I do to create a business website that really turns them on?"

Say something. Do something, or showcase something that will give them a little more knowledge that they had before they met your site.

Step Seven. Give Them A Reason To Come Back For More.

Regardless of how you choose to create your business website, ensure that you know how to create a business website that makes them feel welcomed.

Invite them in, pretend that they are seated right there beside you, pull up a chair next to them and offer them a few nuggets of your advice.

Give them something of value - be it a solution or just a richer understanding of their topic of interest.

Don't let them leave with something dry and lifeless...give them something saucy, something that will stick-to-their-ribs.

Whatever you do, don’t waste their time.

Here's To Your Success Designing A Web Page That Makes Your Web-Visitor Want To Come Back For More!

Do You Have Any Additional Advice Or Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking To Increase Traffic To Their Website?

If so, we'd love to hear from you.

We want to hear your advice on either (a) what it takes to attract you to someone else's website or (b) what you have learned about getting more traffic to your own site.

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