eBay Selling Advice - 6 Tips That Will Help You Start (And Manage)Your
eBay Business With Success

eBay selling tipsDiscover one mom's ebay selling advice and story of the winning formula she
found for using ebay to make money off of used clothing sales.

Dear Latarsha And Small Business Passion Readers,

A few years back I needed to find a way to work from home and care for my small children. After checking into several ventures, I decided to try selling on Ebay.

Below is the eBay selling advice that I wish I'd had when I first started on my eBay business startup journey.

I've since learned that starting an eBay requires that you follow the strategies of success laid out by the successful eBayers.

My eBay Business Startup Efforts Were Slow Until I Realized The Power Of Establishing An eBay Selling Strategy

When I started, my intention was to earn money on eBay by selling used clothing.

At first, I did very poorly. My plans to use ebay to make money off of selling used clothing didn't quite 'materialize' like I wanted it.

My Efforts At Starting A Business On Ebay Did Not Improve Until I Became More Focused On The Strategy Of Selling On Ebay.

I've had my eBay business now for over 2 years.

After applying the eBay selling advice I present to you below, I found that I was able to run a profitable eBay business.

eBay Selling Advice Rule One - Gather Your Information Using The Business Tools eBay Gives It's Sellers

Research your market well including search terms, brands, prices and trends.

eBay Selling Advice Rule Two - Don't Simply Rely On Garage Sells To Keep Your eBay Used Clothing Store Stocked

Rummage sales provided most of my inventory those first few months. I found these sales quickly dried up and as the season came to a close, I needed to find another of merchandise to sell.

ebay Selling Advice Rule Three - Find A Reliable Wholesale Used Clothing Supplier

I searched online for wholesale used clothing suppliers.

I found the perfect supplier that would ship bulk lots of clothes to my door.

After purchasing the sample pack first, I found the quality to be good and ordered my first large shipment.

eBay Selling Advice Tip Four - Stay Organized - As Soon As You Get Your Hands On The Goods, Find Ways To Maximize Your Efficiency

After I jumped on board with a supplier, I ramped up my operation to maximize efficiency.
  • My spare bedroom turned into an assembly line of goods.
  • Items were measured and tagged with information cards when they were inventoried.
  • From there, items were placed on mannequins and photographed for auction listings.
  • After being photographed, the item was packaged for shipping and numbered for sorting.
  • The packages were stacked in a closet to wait until the auction ended and then they would be shipped.

eBay Selling Advice Tip Five - Find Programs That Will Help You List Your Products Fast

eBay Selling Advice Tip Five - When Developing Your Listing, Be As Detailed As Possible

The most important consideration for an auction listing is the title and the category. The title should be something that is on the most searched for list provided by Ebay.

eBay Selling Advice Tip Six - Find Ways To Run Your eBay Business Effectively From Your Home

With an eBay (as with any other businesses), you'll soon begin to understand the old adage that says time is money.

The better you are with finding ways to work effectively from your home, the more effectively you will become at fulfilling your orders.

After A Little Forethought And Planning, I Was Able To Earn Money With eBay

If you're looking to start an eBay business, then think 'strategy'.

After much forethought and planning, I managed to run my eBay Business without having to leave my home by doing the following two things:

Here's To Your Success With Finding eBay-friendly Small Business Ideas That Fit Your Passion And Will Earn You Money!

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