How Starting A Business On eBay Helped One Stay-Home-Mom Turn Her Creative Juices Into Money

Discover tips and tricks of starting a business on eBay. Discover how
one mother of two set-up her business to earn money on eBay. Also
uncover what she regrets most about her eBay experience.


As A Stay At Home Mom, With 2 Children, Starting A Business On eBay Really Made Sense For Me


I wanted to start my own eBay business because I am a Stay At Home Mom with 2 children.  I wanted to be able to work from home so I could be with my kids, we also can't afford Daycare.  We end up paying more for Daycare than I earn at work! I figured it would be a great way to make some extra money and stay home.


Starting A Business On eBay Was Really Easy


One of the things that surprised me with eBay was how easy it was to get started. If you have a few minutes, an interesting item, and good typing skills/literacy.   Well, you're on a roll! As long as you are a reliable seller, customers will come. I was just surprised how easy it was to do this on my own.  A little research here and there I was good to go!


And Yes, Starting My eBay Business Was Easy, But Running It Like A Business Was A Challenge For Me


Before starting my business I wish I would have had a more structured plan/goal. I just kind of jumped right in and didn't think about long term goals. I also didn't reach out to veteran eBayers to find sound ebay selling I was kinda on my own to figure things out.
  • For example, how much do I want/need to make in a month?
  • When am I going to have time to work on listings?
  • What exactly do I want to accomplish with this business?


Starting A Business On eBay Also Means That You've Got To Think Through What You Will Sell - For Me It's Original Art And Antiques


  • I do a couple of different things on my eBay business.
  • I draw Original Art and sell it on there (Fantasy Mostly).
  • And I also sell a variety of antiques from abandoned storage units, garage sales, etc.


Starting A Business On eBay Truly Complimented My 2 Favorite Hobbies - Working On Art Projects and Finding Antique Treasures


I had so much fun with supplying the original art and find antique treasures. It's amazing the history and antique items that I find! I've met some interesting characters on eBay from around the world!!


I Actually Got The Idea To Sell Art And Antiques On eBay From My Personal Interests.


  • I've been drawing my entire life and have heard countless times from people I should start my own business with my work, so I thought I'd give it a shot!
  • I've also always had a soft spot for strange items/antiques.
  • I am also fascinated by the history this items have, they're so mysterious!
  • I enjoy watching shows like "Pickers" etc. where they travel the world looking for strange objects and selling them to collectors.


Starting A Business On eBay Also Allowed Me To Be Creative


With the antiques I get to explore a little piece of history here and there and meet interesting characters/people at my stops.

  • Each piece has an interesting story to tell:-)
  • With each piece of art, I get the ability to get my creations into the hands of people who can enjoy it. It's a win-win-win all around.


With My eBay Business, I Get To Create And To Find Treasures. How Cool Is That!


  • I create some of the items I sell by hand.
  • I find the antiques/odd items at garage sales, from family members, abandoned storage units.
  • I also learned from my mother-in-law, how to bid on abandoned storage units and claim all the items within.


Starting A Business On eBay Is A Great Way To Make Money - Just Make Sure You Manage Enough Time To Run Your Business


I would recommend an eBay business to anyone looking for a way to earn money online.  You just have to make sure you have the time to maintain it. If you're working a full time job outside the home and have 30 auctions going on at the same time. It gets stressful!


Starting A Business On eBay Worked For Me - My Only Regret Was That I Stopped Doing It For Awhile, Though I'm Back At It Now


The only regrets I have are giving up. See, I started my business about 7 years ago but stopped and got a part-time job.

  • I stopped paying attention to the online business and it eventually died.
  • I've recently started selling again, but if I hadn't given up the first time I'd be much further along.
  • I'd also have a more solid customer base:-)


Oh Well, Live And Learn Eh?


Starting over fresh isn't a bad thing necessarily, just hard.


Whatever You Do, Have fun! And Find Ways To Sell Stuff You Know People Will Want To Buy


Plan to use eBay to make money and sell only what you know eBay customers will buy.  Doing a little research upfront will make your eBay life a lot easier...and will make your eBay earnings a lot sweeter!


Good Luck To Starting A eBay Business That Will Make Your Customers Wanna Come Back For More!


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