The Secret To Using eBay To Make Money...Sell What People Will Buy

A successful eBayer gives you the secret to eBay success. Uncover the real
secrets to using eBay to make money and why what you sell really matters.


Dear Latarsha And Fellow Small Business Ideas Passion Fans,


If you are looking to start a business on eBay, then know this - you make money only if you sell things that you know people will buy.  While I know this sounds like a "Oh...Duh." statement, it's true.


My How-I-Ended-Up-On-eBay-To-Make-Money-Sell Story


Three and a half years ago I found myself addicted to eBay.  Before I knew it, I was using my moms money to pay for things that I regretted winning, and started looking for a way to reverse my spending mistakes.

It then hit me that I could just sell everything back through the site! Starting a business with eBay was a lot easier than I thought.


At First, My eBay-Make-Money-Sell Plan Did Not Work Because I Didn't Focus On What People Would Buy


Though all you need to start your eBay business is an eBay account and a fistful of merchandise to get started with, make sure this fistful of merchandise is actually merchandise that people are willing to buy.

  • Initially, I found it surprising how many things I listed that nobody bought. Random stuff like picture frames, keychains, etc. didn't sell for me at all. So I ended up paying listing fees for merchandise that nobody would buy.
  • After a while I just started listing video games, books, movies, and rare collectibles that I could see were already selling very well on eBay.
  • (Where was the sound ebay selling advice of veteran eBayers when I needed it most?)


The Secret Behind Using eBay To Make Money - Sell What People Really Want To Buy


When you start your eBay business, the trick is only listing things you KNOW people will buy in order to avoid having to pay a listing fee for something that nobody bids on.

  • Many items I listed were either DVDs and games I would buy off of eBay from a cheap wholesale listing, and just re-list them all separately back onto the site for a little more than I paid for them.
  • It’s a little extra work that pays off.
  • Don’t expect to get rich quick from this, because like any other business it takes time to get things to really take off.


While I Haven't Gotten Rich Off Of eBay, My Make Money Sell Plan Does Give Me A Extra Spending Money


  • The profits I make from my sales are what I call extra spending money, and nothing more.
  • This past year I have accumulated just over a thousand dollars in sales, which adds up to a fairly decent profit considering the economy as of lately.
  • Also, selling things you already own is a nice way to get rid of possessions you no longer need without having to give them up for free.


When You Start Trying To Make Use eBay To Make Money Be Cautious - There Are Many Scammers Out There Trying To Sell You DVDs And Games In Bulk


One thing I really do wish I knew before I started selling things on eBay (and this pretty much applies to everybody), is that lots of people who sell bulk DVDs and games are scammers.

At one point I spent thirty dollars for a lot of twenty randomly picked DVDs (which were advertised as likely being new releases), and what I got was twenty cheap dollar store DVDs that nobody would buy.


Also Make Sure Your eBay-Make-Money-Sell Plan Does Not Cause You To Lose More Money Than You Will Make


Be careful not to lose money in the process of trying to make more! Just be sure to list things for a reasonably price, ship things out promptly (especially during the holiday season), and frequently check your messages for any consumer complaints.


The Bottom-Line Of Using eBay To Make Money Is To Sell Customers What They Will Buy And To Ship It To Them As Soon As Possible


  • eBay customers are savvy. They know what they want and they will only buy what it is that they came to eBay looking to buy.
  • Save yourself a lot of time and heartache and do your research up front on eBay buying trends.
  • Also learn tips from the pros on which eBay business strategy is helping them to earn money on eBay.


Also, remember that you are in the customer service business.


  • Play nice and ship fast because negative feedback will hurt your sales.
  • Be very clear in your descriptions if and how you accept refunds, and only send well-mannered replies to other buyers.


Signed... A Really Happy eBayer - Here's To Your Success With A Way To Way To Make Money With Your eBay Business!


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