How To Avoid eBay Business Pitfalls:  7 eBay Business Startup Tips To Help Minimize Risk

Uncover 7 eBay business startup tips from one artsy mom who has learned
how to earn money on eBay work for her. Discover how she manages
her eBay business risks and what she does to ensure that
her eBay business will actually make a profit.


Dear Latarsha and Fellow Small Business Ideas Passion Readers,


My eBay business startup idea was sparked by my desire to sell my art.  Though getting the business started on eBay was a breeze (ie getting everything set-up), sustaining and moving the business forward was a challenge. I had many reservations about whether or not my art would sell.

  • It was really challenging for me to want to get my artwork out there.
  • I was worried no one would like it or buy it.
  • I was worried I'd fail my customers as a seller.
  • And...I was in desperate need of sound ebay selling advice from veteran eBayers


My eBay Business Startup Idea Of Selling My Art On eBay Actually Worked - My eBay Art Business


After starting my own eBay art business (you can read about my starting-a-business-on-eBay story here), I found that customers actually loved my art.  Over time, I learned how to list/offer art and antique that my customers really liked.

Finding treasures and honing my art skills for my customer base was a blast - and I have loved every minute of it...except I just wish someone would have given me the 8 eBay business startup tips I give you below.


Though Starting My Own eBay Business Has Been A Blast - I've Had Some Struggles - Which Is Why I've Decided To Give You My Top 7 eBay Startup Business Tips Below


One of my core struggles has been keeping my business 'structured'.  I am a mom of two very active kids - so finding the time to actually manage and work on my business was difficult.

  • Though I'm constantly working on trying to find a system that works for me, it's still challenging for me to fit it all in.
  • I've also learned how to deal with customers and reduce my risk (and stress) by designing my business with risk-management plan in mind.


eBay Business Startup Tip One: Plan Out Your eBay Business So That It Actually Works For You


If you are thinking of starting a business on ebay, then take it from me, your ebay startup business will go a lot more smoothly if you learn to face your challenges and struggles head on. 

As a mom of 2 very active kids, so I had to really hone my time-management skills to ensure that I had enough time to give my family what they needed and to run a successful eBay business.

  • I now schedule pre-specified time to sit at the computer and work on listings/feedback etc.
  • I figure I am at no loss (but a few cents) if no one buys my items, so why not at least try to make my business work?


eBay Business Startup Tip Two: Keep Your eBay Business Fresh And Fun By Always Keeping An Eye Out For A Good Find


Over time, you will know your customer likes and dislikes first-hand.  So, keep your eye out for a good find. Become a customer concierge by developing an eye for what your customers really want from you.

  • Whenever I'm out and about I stop at least one place that might have some interesting items.
  • I keep 20 dollars around the house at all times for items I could purchase and sell.


eBay Business Startup Tip Three - Plan For The Uncooperative Buyer By Clearly Stating Payment Rules In Your Listings


I get frustrated on a regular basis with uncooperative buyers who bid on the item but don't pay. Or they bid on the item then decide they don't want it...things like that.

  • I've tried my best to prevent these instances by clearly stating rules in my listings:  "Payment needs to be received within 7 days and PLEASE contact me with any questions or concerns BEFORE bidding."  
  • I haven't had any trouble lately:-)


eBay Business Startup Tip Four - Invest In Insurance - It Will Help You Maintain Your Sanity


When Starting A Business On eBay, There are some customers that will be frustrating to deal with. So, go ahead and make sure you buy insurance for all of your items.

There was once an item I sold a couple of years back that I didn't buy insurance for when I shipped it. The customer claimed she never received the item, so I granted her a full refund.  

I was out 50 dollars - I should've just bought the insurance!   So now I buy insurance on EVERYTHING. Never hurts to be prepared.


eBay Business Startup Tip Five - Don't Take Any Risks


When Starting A Business On eBay, Don't Take Any Risks such as shipping items with no Insurance etc. Play by the book and you don't get burned.


If Something Seems Shady, Don't Risk It.


If you're selling, get insurance and tracking...and everything!

  • There are shady buyers out there as well that may get the item, then claim they didn't, and get a refund.
  • You eliminate that possibility with tracking!


eBay Business Startup Tip Six - Take Advantage Of The Protections Paypal Offer


  • PayPal has saved me few times when things got damaged during shipment etc., or a seller did not send me my item.
  • PayPal fought for me and settled the case.


eBay Business Startup Tip Six - Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew



Have Fun And Keep It Fresh! Do Whatever It Takes To Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You (And Want To Come Back Again and Again)


All in all, starting an ebay has been awesome:-)    I love it! I plan on selling there for quite some time. The benefits of starting my own business are quite a few.

  • I can stay home with my kids whilst making money, I don't have crazy schedule's or mandatory meetings.
  • I've always got money coming in at some point and the more sales I do the more recognition I get (and have regular's that stop by my auctions all the time).


Here's To Your Success With Finding An eBay Startup Business Idea That Will Make Customers Go Wild!


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