I Needed A Career Change
The Reason: I Was Tired Of Feeling Like I Was Headed Nowhere

My Career Change Reason: "I Had Lost Passion For My Job."

I don't know what to tell you...the passion just wasn't there - which is why I sought out the career coaching services from Latarsha.

I needed someone to help me to sort through my career change reasons and help me to look at my career change options more objectively.

  1. I was a mortgage broker, and the real estate market was plummeting...fast.
  2. I was with an office that didn't seem to have enough support to help me through my growth.
  3. Banking standards were starting to change and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find loans for my clients.


On Top Of All Those Career Change Reasons I Felt Confused And Lost.

  • I needed a way to revive my career.
  • I needed a way to realistically assess what it was that I needed, wanted, and craved from my career.
  • I needed to know whether the mortgage career path was for me...or not.
  • I needed to know whether I should wait out the market out or to bail ship..
  • I just needed someone to help me to sort all of these issues out...which is why I turned to Latarsha's career coaching services.



And Boy Am I Glad I Tried Latarsha's Career Coaching Services.

The Story Of My Mid Career Change And The Reason I Used Career Coaching Services Help Me To Transition Into A Career That Gave Me Peace Of Mind

  • All of those career changes reasons above prompted me to turn to Latarsha's career coaching services.
  • I was simply amazed at what happened in those sessions...and there began my career passion-turning point.
  • Sessions with her gave me so much insight into who I was and what it is that I REALLY wanted out of a career.






What I liked most about Latarsha's Career Coaching Services was the fact that I had a chance to explore and learn all about...me!

The Story Of My Mid Career Change And The Reason I Used Career Coaching Services Help Me To Transition Into A Career That Gave Me Peace Of Mind.

I used those sessions with Latarsha my heart a voice.  In those career coaching session with Latarsha, I had the opportunity to hear what my heart really felt about all of the above-named career change reasons.

I could sort through all of the information swimming through my head in regards to whether I should actually go or stay.  And to be totally honest with you...before we started, I didn't really expect all that came with the coaching relationship.

During our career coaching sessions together, Latarsha asked questions that really made me think. For once in my life, I had the ability to think about where I was in life and who I was as far as caree and everything else.

And the magical part of all of this, for once in my life I could be truthful about what it was that I really wanted.  I had the opportunity to dream out loud without being judged...and I was very free to say what I wanted to.



After We Started Our Career Coaching Sessions Together, I Couldn't Wait To Show Up For More!

It was so much more involved than I originally thought!  Our sessions were focused on me learning about....me.  Latarsha walked with me through all of the career change reasons below.

She helped me to articulate what it was that I wanted...as well as what it was that I didn't want.  And, as a result of our career coaching sessions together, I was able to gain a clearer understanding of me, what I valued, and what it was that I REALLY wanted to do with my life.


Those Career Coaching Sessions With Latarsha Gave Me The Opportunity To Explore And Get Really Clear On A Career Pathway

  • I was able to discuss career goal setting strategies, and envision how I career success for me actually looked.
  • Our worked together help me to push through blocks that stood in my way, and I ended up coming out of it a more confident me.



Oh...And Do I Recommended Latarsha's Career Coaching Services?

You bet - but only for certain types of people - I recommend it to certain types of people.

  1. People who are open-minded.
  2. People who would take the time to actually do the exercises and homework assignments Latarsha gives out.
  3. And people who would see some type of benefit for this type of coaching relationship and would actually commit and invest in becoming a lot clearer about the career path that might be right for them.



If You Decide To Invest In Latarsha's Career Coaching Services...You Won't Be Disappointed

And, if you really want to do some soul-searching in a business and career sense, then Latarsha's career coaching services are perfect for you.

  • If you have some pressing career change reasons that could use a fresh perspective, then go ahead and contact Latarsha about her career coaching services.
  • The career coaching sessions with her gives you the opportunity to better yourself and come out with a stronger sense of who you are, what you value, and how to find more opportunity and richness in your career.

"My sessions were eye-opening ...I'll be willing to be that your's will be too



Oh...And Just In Case You Were Wondering What My Career Change Decision Turned Out To Be...Then I'll Tell You Here.

I realized that I still had the heart and passion for the mortgage market. During one of my career coaching sessions with Latarsha, I was able to develop a career mission statement...and here's what it uncovered.

My career mission is to work with my client's to find THAT mortgage loan solution that will actually fit their budget and give them peace of mind." THAT's what my heart longed to tell me...THAT's what I needed to focus on!  Thanks Latarsha for re-igniting my passion and my fire. Working with you helped me to be a more confident, passionate and focused...me!


Here's To Finding A Way To Find A Way To Re-Ignite Your Life Spark!