How To Fight The "I Don't Know Which Business To Start" Blues

Starting your own business has really been on your mind lately...only thing is,
you struggle with the "I don't know how to start a business that fits" blues.
I understand ...which is why the "Find The Best Small Business For
Me To Start" coaching package was born.


The "Find The Best Small Business For You To Start"Coaching Packaging Is Right For You If...


  1. You are searching for THAT small business idea that fits you, your passion, and will give you the income flow and flexibility that will fit into the current context of your life.
  2. You are a new entrepreneur who is ready to to step into your new business with a sense of confidence, and a sense that, "YES...this starting your own business thing IS a possibility for me."
  3. You need a little oneonone guidance that's tailored to helping you to start a new business that's tailored to match your passion and skills and tailored to fit into the context of your current life.


Here's The Help-Me-Start-The-Best-Small-Business Letter That Started It All...


Dear Latarsha,


Starting my own business has been in the back of my mind for some time now.

I'm ready to get the show on the road. And I KNOW that there is a business inside of me bursting to get out...


The only problem is that I really don't really know which business to start and I really don't know how to start a business.

I have a few ideas, but none are crystallized. And when I open my mouth to talk about my small business ideas with other people, only a few words pop out.


This has left me can figure out the how to start a business part if I can't even pinpoint the best small business for me to start?

I know deep down in my heart that starting my own business is the right thing for me, but I just can't seem to find the right words, or even put it together in enough detailed to know where/how to start.


And so, right now, I am searching for a business coach that will help me to put together my thoughts.

To help me give my business it's voice, and to bring my small business ideas to life. To help me with my "how to start a business" and "how to find the right business for me" challenges.


Signed: Ready to start my own business (but just can't figure out which is the best small business for me to start.)


And Here's My Response...


Dear Ready To Start Your Own Business,


Figuring out this "how to start a business that will fit you" thing can be frustrating...if you don't really know how to fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

But here's the secret to sorting out your "how to start a business that fits me" conundrum: you've got to start with where you are and work your "ready to start my own business" forward.

Here's what's causing you pain: "How can you start a business...when it seems like so many variables are competing for your attention?


I understand your challenge...


I am an MBA'd small business mentor and motivational coach who has worked with many other business owners who once stood in your shoes. In fact, I created a "Find The Best Small Business For Me To Start" Coaching Package that helps you to sort out all of those ideas that are running through your mind.

Signed: to help you walk through your "how to start a business that best fits me" challenge with a sense of clarity, strategy, and a calming sense of peace.



Don't Let the "I'm ReadyTo Start A Business But I Don't Know Which Business To Start" Blues Stop You From Making Your Business Dreams A Reality!


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